TLDR DevOps 2024-04-17

Cisco buys Isovalent 💰, OpenTelemetry embraces profiling 📑, 4 Million Push Notifications in 6 Seconds 📤

News & Trends

Charting new territory: OpenTelemetry embraces profiling (5 minute read)

This article discusses the rise of continuous profiling in observability, different profiling approaches, turning profiling data into observability insights, and OpenTelemetry's recent support for continuous profiling.

Argo Rollouts 1.7 Release Candidate (3 minute read)

Argo Rollouts 1.7 introduces UI enhancements for Analysis Runs and Rollouts, the ability to reference AnalysisTemplates within other templates, integration of AnalysisRuns into Rollout notifications, and support for AnalysisRun TTLStrategy to manage resources created outside the Argo Rollouts controller.

Cisco Completes Acquisition of Isovalent to Define the Future of Multicloud Networking and Security (2 minute read)

Cisco has successfully completed the acquisition of Isovalent, a leader in open source cloud native networking and security, marking a significant step forward in Cisco's commitment to secure multicloud networking.
Opinions & Tutorials

Cross Account Replication of S3 buckets using Terraform (5 minute read)

This tutorial guides users through setting up Cross-Account Replication (CAR) for S3 buckets using Terraform to simplify data replication management across multiple AWS accounts.

Argo Events — S3 EventSource and Argo Workflow Trigger (4 minute read)

This article provides a detailed guide on how to implement an image thumbnailing workflow in Kubernetes using Argo Workflow and Argo Events, triggered by S3 uploads.

Kubernetes #1 — The Origin (6 minute read)

A comprehensive guide to Kubernetes, detailing its etymology, functionality, history, the problems it resolves, how it works, and how to use it effectively.

Multi-Cluster Manager for Velero Deep Dive (16 minute read)

This document provides an in-depth examination of the Multi-Cluster Manager for Velero, focusing on its capabilities in Kubernetes resource management, data protection, and recovery, as well as its multi-cluster and multi-cloud support, community engagement, and future plans.
Quick Links

A look at Kubernetes Operator Implementation at Licious — Part 1 (7 minute read)

This blog delves into the technicalities of Kubernetes operators, detailing how the company automates complex application management tasks, their benefits, and how they function.

How Duolingo Sent 4 Million Push Notifications in 6 Seconds During the Super Bowl Break (4 minute read)

Engineers utilized AWS SQS queues, ECS, and DynamoDB, along with manual provisioning of worker instances, to achieve 99% notification delivery within 5.7 seconds.
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