TLDR DevOps 2024-02-20

GitLab 16.9 Released πŸ†•, Internet Traffic during the Super Bowl 🏈, C# over Rust? 🎹

News & Trends has GPUs now (7 minute read) has introduced GPU support, enabling AI workloads at the edge with Nvidia A100s. Users can deploy and scale AI models effortlessly across regions for fast response times. On-demand GPU usage ensures cost efficiency, with pricing starting at $2.50/hr for Ampere A100s. aims to empower developers to explore AI applications with ease.

GitLab 16.9 Release (12 minute read)

GitLab has announced the release of GitLab 16.9. The update features GitLab Duo Chat for Premium SaaS and self-managed customers, the capability to request changes in a merge request without impeding the merge process, enhancements to the usability of the CI/CD variables page, expanded options for auto-canceling pipelines, and more.

New Terraform integrations with Wiz, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Couchbase, VMware, and more (4 minute read)

HashiCorp Terraform has expanded its ecosystem with new integrations, including run tasks and providers, enhancing capabilities for managing cloud and on-premises infrastructure. These integrations cover a range of services such as cloud security, networking, monitoring, and identity management, providing users with greater automation and control over their infrastructure through Terraform.
Opinions & Tutorials

Microsoft: We Are Not β€˜Abandoning’ C# for Rust (5 minute read)

Microsoft clarified that while it is embracing Rust for specific tasks like rewriting core components, it remains committed to C# as a vital language within its ecosystem. The company's interest in Rust reflects its pursuit of performance and safety benefits. It doesn't signify a departure from C# as an essential programming language.

Maximize Cost Savings by Putting Your Kubernetes Resources to Sleep During Off-Hours (16 minute read)

This article explores efficient cost-saving strategies that leverage Kubernetes-based event-driven autoscaling to optimize resource utilization during off-hours.

Kubernetes alerting: Simplify anomaly detection in Kubernetes clusters with Grafana Cloud (5 minute read)

Kubernetes Monitoring is an application in Grafana Cloud designed to help DevOps teams and SREs troubleshoot issues with Kubernetes clusters more effectively. It has simplified alerting and visualization features that are particularly beneficial for less experienced users and teams handling large container fleets. This article provides guidance on leveraging Kubernetes Monitoring for improved cluster management.

A look at Internet traffic trends during Super Bowl LVIII (10 minute read)

This blog post explores Internet traffic trends during Super Bowl LVIII. It covers the impact of advertisements on various domains, shedding light on DNS request traffic and user engagement during the game.

Popular Git Config Options (8 minute read)

This is a list of the most popular git config options and their use cases as voted by a group of Mastodon users. It may be worth taking a look to see if it can help speed up your git workflows!
Quick Links

Azure Pipelines deprecated tasks retirement schedule (2 minute read)

Azure Pipelines announced that some deprecated tasks will be retired after January 31st. It has provided guidance on alternatives for affected pipeline authors.

Announcing Freenginx (2 minute read)

One of the largest contributors to NGINX decided to launch an independent version of the load balancer software called Freenginx.
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