TLDR Design 2024-07-05

Upcoming X Redesign 🐦, WhatApps Avatar Generator 💬, Microsoft Copilot+ Branding 🤖

News & Trends

Coming redesign of Elon Musk's X will get rid of... a lot (3 minute read)

WhatsApp is developing a personalized AI avatar generator (3 minute read)

New Microsoft Copilot+ PC branding aims to show the human side of AI (2 minute read)

Opinions & Tutorials

Why users are ignoring your features (9 minute read)

The design purity trap & how to escape it (4 minute read)

I was shocked when I canceled my Loom membership — here's why (11 minute read)

Launches & Tools

Creative Chair (Website)

Chunk Icons (Figma file)

AI-powered Professional UI Design Tool (Website)


Lessons on design for high engagement from top nutrition app Zoe (8 minute read)

New Genre designs identity, platform, and website for new design standards tool (4 minute read)

Revitalizing Freeda Language School's Branding and Visual Identity (2 minute read)

Quick Links

Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse (2 minute read)

One Million Checkboxes is the Most Frustratingly Brilliant Website (2 minute read)

The Hidden Power: Using Negative Space in Logos and Illustrations (7 minute read)

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