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Netflix First Big Redesign 🍿, Adobe’s AI CX Assistant 🎨, Wix AI Tool 🤖

News & Trends

Adobe's AI Assistant for Customer Experience Management Now Available (2 minute read)

Adobe has launched its AI-Powered Experience Platform (AEP) AI Assistant to automate tasks, simulate outcomes, and help create new audiences. The assistant provides insights into datasets, audiences, and journeys without running SQL queries, making it accessible to non-technical users. As part of Adobe Experience Cloud apps, the assistant adheres to brand data security standards, ensuring customer data won't be shared outside the company without the company's consent.

Here's What Netflix's First Big Redesign in a Decade Looks Like (4 minute read)

Netflix's first major redesign in a decade replaces the left-hand menu with a horizontal menu bar. Users can now hover over individual tiles for a beat to trigger a clip from a show or movie along with a text description and more information about it. The "New and Popular" and "My List" tabs are gone, the "Discover" feature has been made more prominent, and navigation has been simplified to adapt to a new streaming landscape that includes live sports and games. Netflix is testing the latest app version with a few subscribers before making it available.

Wix's New Tool Taps AI to Generate Smartphone Apps (4 minute read)

Wix is launching a new generative AI feature integrated into its app builder tool that enables users to create iOS and Android apps by simply describing their ideas in plain English. It promises to simplify app creation. Concerns over AI-generated code quality and security challenges linger, though Wix remains committed to constant product improvement.
Opinions & Tutorials

Should you ditch Photoshop with immediate effect? (8 minute read)

Adobe's new terms and conditions for Creative Cloud apps, which grant them a license to use, modify, and create derivative works based on user content, have sparked controversy over content ownership. Despite Adobe's clarification that it does not train AI models on customer content or assume ownership, the vague wording has led to a lack of trust among creatives, who are now considering alternatives like Affinity Photo and GIMP.

Do You Still Think Canva is Only for Amateurs? Not So Fast (8 minute read)

Canva's new features are revolutionizing the design world, making professional-quality tools accessible to everyone. Creators from all walks of life celebrated the power of easy-to-use design tools at the recent Canva conference. Canva empowers users to create stunning visuals quickly and efficiently with AI-powered features and updates like Magic Media and Bulk Create. This shift challenges traditional design norms, opening the field to a broader audience.

How the King of Usability Became Vulnerable to Naive Tech Optimism (6 minute read)

Jakob Nielsen, co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group, recently suggested AI could solve accessibility, sparking controversy and tech optimism reminiscent of Silicon Valley's dream of personalized user interfaces. Nielsen's view might suit high-maturity companies but ignores progress made in accessibility. Despite AI's potential, relying too much on it without addressing fundamental issues undermines ongoing efforts and the needs of vulnerable users.
Launches & Tools

Spellcheck for UI (Website)

Buglab automates the detection of UI/UX issues in websites, platforms, and web apps, helping to accelerate development and ensure software quality.

OKLCH Color Variations (Figma plugin)

Generate color palettes with adjustable lightness, chroma, and hue for interface design based on a color space that better aligns with human color perception.

SVG Management Made Easy for Designers and Developers (Website)

SVG Gobbler is a browser extension for finding, optimizing, organizing, editing, and exporting SVGs effortlessly.

Apple Pencil Pro is a Case Study in User Experience Perfection (4 minute read)

The Apple Pencil Pro takes user experience to new heights with subtle but impactful features. It includes pressure sensitivity, hover, double-tap, and magnetic attachment and introduces barrel roll, squeeze, and haptic feedback. The seamless integration between hardware and software enhances creativity by reducing friction.

Rebranding an Icon: the Classic American Girl Look Gets a Fresh Spin (5 minute read)

American Girl, a beloved cultural icon, underwent a brand refresh led by Pentagram to better connect with millennial moms and modern children while retaining its essence. The rebrand introduced new typography and a brighter color palette, emphasizing storytelling, uniqueness, and a premium customer experience.

“I picked a bad time to become a critic” – Elizabeth Goodspeed on the collapse of design critique (4 minute read)

Criticism in design and commercial art often swings between virality-seeking negativity and toxic positivity, with genuine critique frequently mistaken for harshness. This dynamic, worsened by the creative media's reliance on reader subscriptions and sponsored content, discourages critics from providing negative feedback for fear of being vilified or caught in 'cancel culture.'
Quick Links

Food Artist Devoney Scarfe Creates Beautiful Pie Artworks (2 minute read)

Devoney Scarfe, a food artist from Auckland, creates stunning pie artworks featuring famous people, animals, and whimsical scenes.

Canva's Cringey Rap was Actually a Massive Marketing Win (3 minute read)

Canva recently attempted to stand out with a bold move at an event, but the attempt was akin to the infamous cringe-worthy moments from tech history.

This Legendary DC Comics Style Guide was Nearly Lost for Years — Now You Can Buy It (4 minute read)

Created to ensure consistency in licensed products from the early '80s, the DC Comics Style Guide showcases the legendary artwork of José García-López.
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