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Google Photos Overhaul ๐Ÿ“ธ, AI Sound Effects ๐ŸŽต, Getty Fraud Scandal ๐Ÿ’ฐ

News & Trends

Former Tech Exec Admits to Fraud Involving a Scheme to Boost Getty Images Shares, Authorities Say (3 minute read)

Former technology executive Robert Scott Murray pleaded guilty to a single count of fraud for a scheme to inflate Getty Images' share price. Once the CEO of 3Com, Murray attempted to manipulate Getty's stock to sell his 300,000 shares for a higher profit. He issued misleading news releases through his venture, Trillium Capital, and announced a false bid to acquire Getty at $10 per share, nearly double the previous closing price. The SEC deemed the bid โ€œfalse and misleading,โ€ noting Murray quickly liquidated his shares for approximately $1.49 million without securing funds for the acquisition.

Your Google Photos App May Soon Get a Big Overhaul. Here's What it Looks Like (2 minute read)

Google Photos is set to receive a significant update that will enhance its sharing and notification features. The overhaul will include a new social-focused โ€œSharing Activityโ€ page, similar to Instagram and Facebook, for more accessible interactions with likes and comments on photos. A revamped storage meter will visually display how much storage can be reclaimed, streamlining the deletion process. These updates indicate Google's intention to integrate more social elements into Google Photos, transforming it from a simple photo backup app to a more interactive platform.

AI-Generated Sound Effects are Here (2 minute read)

ElevenLabs has introduced "Text to Sound," an AI Audio model that generates sound effects, instrumental tracks, soundscapes, and character voices from text prompts. This new tool aims to assist creators, including those in film, television, video games, and social media, by providing high-quality audio content quickly and affordably. Partnering with Shutterstock, ElevenLabs fine-tuned the model using Shutterstock's extensive audio library, enhancing the tool's versatility.
Opinions & Tutorials

How to get past your limitations (4 minute read)

Designers often limit their growth by focusing only on visual creativity and avoiding decision-making, resulting in mediocre work as non-designers make vital decisions. To break this cycle, designers should develop leadership and influence skills, expand their definition of design talent to include these abilities, and encourage more designers to take on decision-making roles.

Designing for Privacy in an AI World (3 minute read)

AI offers immense potential but needs responsible development to ensure privacy and user safety. This article dives into generative AI and privacy, emphasizing the need for embedded privacy protections. It discusses practical ways to mitigate privacy risks, especially during the application phase, and highlights the importance of collaboration and innovation to balance privacy with AI's benefits.

Designer engagement report (11 minute read)

The top three problems for designers at work right now are limited ability to conduct research and receive feedback, lack of design strategy, and no career progression opportunities. Design is an unequal partner in the design/product/engineering trifecta, which is why most companies don't have design leadership and most designers need to work with multiple product managers.
Launches & Tools

Look Inside Figma Files of Top Designers (Website)

Get an in-depth look at the Figma files from designers at top companies such as Perplexity AI, Bezi, Lottie Files, and more.

A Tool for Creating AI Backgrounds (Website)

Jector is an AI-powered tool that lets users quickly generate custom product backgrounds for e-commerce images.

Open Database of Design Salaries (Website)

The Open Database of Design Salaries promotes salary transparency and pay equity for design pros across different industries, experience levels, and locations.

Beautiful, boring, and without soul (8 minute read)

A park's restorative power depends on its green spaces, design, and community integration. Similarly, a product's value extends beyond usability to evoking emotions and a sense of beauty. This is achieved by designers immersing themselves in their humanity.

Unbundling User Research (9 minute read)

Traditional research-led projects are being integrated into product work, with stages like analyzing and synthesizing remaining crucial. Continuous discovery, involving weekly customer conversations, is essential, but must include critical thinking and reflection to avoid becoming routine.

Low- vs high-fidelity design: A balancing act (2 minute read)

Balancing low-fidelity and high-fidelity design is crucial for quick learning. Low-fidelity artifacts aid idea gathering and high-fidelity tools enable testing and sharing. The focus should be designing an effective feedback process using the most efficient tools, such as Maze, Figma, or live mockups for user testing, to reach value swiftly.
Quick Links

Mother Design's rebrand for Air Up explores the tension between maturity and playfulness (3 minute read)

Mother Design's rebrand for Air Up balances maturity and playfulness with vibrant colors and a custom typeface, reflecting the product's unique flavor-through-scent concept.

New magic for animations in CSS (2 minute read)

Two new CSS features will simplify animations by enabling direct transitions to and from `display: none;` and intrinsic sizes like `height: auto;`, reducing the need for JavaScript.

NFL Logos Drawn by Players are so Funny They Just Had to be Put on T-shirts (1 minute read)

Every year, the NFL challenges rookies to draw their team logos from memory, resulting in hilariously bad sketches that sometimes end up on T-shirts.
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