TLDR Design 2024-05-24

Meta's new AI multimodal model ✨, Apple refreshes education store 📚, iOS 18 gets 7 new emojis 🙂

News & Trends

Here are the Seven New Emojis Coming to Your iPhone with iOS 18 (2 minute read)

The Unicode Consortium has previewed seven fresh emojis in iOS 18, including a sleepy face, fingerprint, and leafless tree. These additions, set to hit the iPhone later this year or early 2025, provide a creative playground for Apple designers.

Apple Re-launches Online Education Store with Expansive Design Refresh (2 minute read)

Apple announced a new version of its online education store, which has a design similar to the main Apple online store introduced in 2021. The new webpage highlights all the Apple products that students can get at a discount.

Meta Introduces Chameleon, a State-of-the-art Multimodal Model (4 minute read)

Chameleon, Meta's new multimodal model, integrates text, images, and code into a unified token space. This allows it to seamlessly reason over and generate interleaved image and text sequences without needing modality-specific components. Designed to achieve state-of-the-art performance, Chameleon outperforms many competitors in tasks like visual question answering and image captioning.
Opinions & Tutorials

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence Addresses the Company's Divisive App Redesign (5 minute read)

Sonos' recent app redesign has caused an uproar due to missing features and disrupted user experiences. CEO Patrick Spence defends the changes, citing greater personalization and improved performance. Sonos is working to address bugs and restore user trust. Its challenges and responses offer insights into app development and user interface evolution.

Want to Convey How Bad a User Experience Is? Talk About the User's Emotion (8 minute read)

Emotions are crucial to user experience and should take precedence over user counts. Storytelling should drive action by focusing on individual struggles and specific details. Businesses should prioritize emotions in product development, as they are essential to decision-making.

How Mural Links Design Thinking and Agile (6 minute read)

Mural combines design thinking and Agile methodologies, enabling teams to visualize ideas, prioritize tasks, and align strategies effectively. The process enhances collaboration through visual tools, anonymous voting, and customizable templates, making it easier to manage complex projects and gather client feedback in real time.
Launches & Tools

Brutalist Shape Elements (Figma resource)

The Free Brutalist Shape Elements Mega Pack features 500+ fully editable vector elements ideal for eye-catching designs, including brutalist shapes, sparks, wavy lines, and wireframes.

Design Dream Homes with AI (Website)

Design your dream home with AI. Upload a photo of your space, select style preferences, and receive stunning renders and product recommendations in under a minute.

Get Rid of Grid (Website)

Explore innovative web design without the constraints of traditional grids using flexible layouts that adapt to content variations and responsive design principles.

Rethinking Text Resizing on Web (12 minute read)

Airbnb is enhancing web accessibility by using WCAG 1.4.4 Resize Text (Level AA) and adopting rem units for consistent font scaling, which benefits people with low vision. While browser zoom scales all content and has limitations on mobile devices, font scaling tailored to users' needs offers a better solution for mobile web accessibility.

What Does the Future of User Interface Design Look Like? (9 minute read)

The future of user interface design is evolving with AI, AR, and VR technologies, presenting new interaction models and ethical considerations for UX designers. Key trends and challenges underscore the need for adaptability and continuous learning to stay ahead in this dynamic field.

Ask Adobe Design: How Can Applicants Stand Out When Applying to Design Jobs? (10 minute read)

When crafting a resume, prioritize a clear layout and concise content and avoid jargon and filler achievements. A strong portfolio should showcase real client projects with great design and clear project stories using animations, interactive prototypes, and large images to stand out.
Quick Links

Niceshit's Amazing Animations Want to Change How People Browse and Buy Books (3 minute read)

Barcelona-based animation studio Niceshit partnered with BBDO for Penguin Random House and Meta to create "Reel Page Turner," a campaign of animated reels encouraging people to discover stories beyond book covers.

Julie Mehretu is the Latest Artist to Transform a BMW Racing Car into a Dynamic Artwork (7 minute read)

Julie Mehretu's BMW M Hybrid V8 Art Car blends her painting "Everywhen" with the car's design, creating a dynamic, performative artwork that symbolizes movement and speed.

Why Handmade Art & Design is Becoming More Valuable in an AI-Driven Digital World (3 minute read)

As AI-driven digital art becomes more prevalent, the value of handmade art is rising due to its authenticity, uniqueness, and personal touch.
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