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Autodesk acquires Wonder Dynamics ✨, Spotify's custom typeface 🔤, Xiaomi clones Apple ad 🪞

News & Trends

Autodesk Acquires AI VFX Startup, Wonder Dynamics (2 minute read)

Autodesk has acquired Wonder Dynamics, a startup specializing in AI-powered 3D animation and VFX technology, to enhance its generative AI capabilities. The acquisition makes high-quality VFX more accessible and efficient for Autodesk users by eliminating processes like motion capture. Wonder Dynamics' flagship product, Wonder Studio, automates the integration of CG characters into live-action scenes.

Xiaomi Clones Controversial Apple Crush Ad, with One Major Change (2 minute read)

The Chinese smartphone maker, which has cloned everything from the iPad to Steve Jobs' trademark jeans and turtleneck shirts in the past, has now cloned the Crush ad. However, there's one crucial difference — it stops the press before it crushes anything.

Here's Why Your Spotify Looks Different Today (2 minute read)

Spotify has introduced a new custom typeface called Spotify Mix. Created with foundry Dinamo Typefaces, the new font blends styles and unique details inspired by the history of audio-related typography, aiming to balance functionality and emotional appeal. The change will be gradually rolled out across Spotify's app, web player, and marketing materials.
Opinions & Tutorials

Design Research is Overrated (4 minute read)

Designers keep pushing for design research because they think that is how it should be done in all projects. However, for most projects, regular research is sufficient. Intensive research should only be conducted when a new product is being developed, when a crucial decision needs to be made, or when no knowledge source is available.

How to Develop Motion Design Principles (10 minute read)

This article emphasizes the importance of motion design in conveying brand personality and enhancing user experience. Webflow integrated motion seamlessly across its platform by creating consistent guidelines and iterating based on feedback. Building Webflow's motion design principles involved understanding the core message to convey, learning with the best in the industry, leaning on internal talent, designing with scalability in mind, and considering the context.

The Improbable Future of Tech Design (5 minute read)

AI's potential in design isn't about replacing creatives - it can be a powerful tool in the creation process. "An Improbable Future" showcases unique AI-generated tech products that blend familiar and unseen elements that inspire new ideas. This post highlights how effective prompting can help generate innovative concepts and emphasizes the importance of intention in AI-driven design.
Launches & Tools

LeanDS Framework (Figma resource)

LeanDS is a comprehensive framework designed to optimize design workflows. It provides templates and components that increase efficiency and consistency.

Visual Design: Glossary (Website)

Visual design requires knowledge and understanding of many jargon terms. This glossary is a reference when delving into visual and user interface design.

Ship Features Users (Really) Want (Website)

Insighto enables product teams to gather and prioritize user feedback by allowing users to submit and vote on feature requests, aligning development with real user needs.

Mother Design's Identity for Netflix Comedy Festival is Uniquely Angeleno (2 minute read)

Mother Design created a "self-vandalistic" system called Slap, Stick, featuring stickers with deadpan phrases for the 2024 The Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival. Inspired by LA's guerrilla sticker culture, the simple, self-aware design captures the essence of LA with humorous phrases like "You can't spell 'laugh' without 'LA' and 'ugh.'

Understanding Figma Billing with the New Payment Structure (7 minute read)

Figma's new "Dev Mode" has had some significant pricing changes, affecting how designers and developers collaborate. The introduction of various seat types, Viewer, Viewer-Restricted, Full, and Dev Mode, has resulted in confusion and unexpected charges for users. This article details these changes, highlights dark UX patterns that complicate billing, and explores alternatives to manage costs effectively.

All of the iPhone 16 Colors Just Leaked. Here's What's Coming (2 minute read)

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro are set to launch with new color options, replacing some existing ones. The Pro models will feature black, white (or silver), and gray color variations. The regular models might come in blue, pink, yellow, green, and black.
Quick Links

Everyone's Still Talking About that Outrageous Pepsi Logo Design Document (3 minute read)

Pepsi's 2008 rebranding included a hilariously over-the-top design document that compares the logo to the Mona Lisa and explores concepts like the "Pepsi universe."

Agathe Bray-Bourret's Illustrations are “Filled with Clumsy Nonchalant, Soft Characters” (2 minute read)

Agathe Bray-Bourret is a French illustrator who creates whimsical, humorous fantasy characters and worlds using watercolors and gouache, avoiding contour lines and rigid perspective.

Vitra Design Museum's ‘Science Fiction Design' Explores Furniture's Past, Present, and Future Visions (4 minute read)

The Vitra Design Museum's "Science Fiction Design" exhibition showcases over 100 futuristic furniture pieces from the Space Age to the Metaverse, including iconic designs from films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner.
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