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Headspace Brand Identity ๐Ÿง  , Whatsappโ€™s UI Redesign ๐Ÿ’ฌ, New York Design Week ๐Ÿ—ฝ

News & Trends

Headspace's Fresh Identity & Offerings Signal New Era of Empowered Well-Being (4 minute read)

Headspace refreshed its brand identity with a new typeface and vibrant color palette to balance playfulness with functionality, aiming to make mental healthcare more accessible and engaging. The updated design and unified app experience offer a seamless, personalized spectrum of care, simplifying access to mental healthcare and destigmatizing discussions around mental health.

Whatsapp's UI Redesign Looks Clean and Fresh (2 minute read)

A new look for WhatsApp is now being rolled out to the general public following beta testing. UI improvements include a refreshed color scheme, rounded icons, and playful animations. A base of neutral tones is being used with sparing use of green and the navigation has been more unified. Android users will notice the navigation bar has moved to the bottom of the screen, making it easier to access Chats, Calls, and Status.

Ten Things to Do at New York Design Week (4 minute read)

New York Design Week will occur from May 16 to May 23 and will be packed with exhibitions, shows, and talks. This article identifies the ten most exciting events worth visiting among the many options. Recommendations include a cross-disciplinary exhibition from Parsons School of Design, a two-day event celebrating post-WWII Italian and American graphic design, and an Adobe panel discussing creativity and artificial intelligence.
Opinions & Tutorials

Designing user-centric Apple Watch apps with accessibility in mind (10 minute read)

The Apple Watch's small screen size, need for glanceable content, and technology constraints require designers to think creatively to ensure a successful user experience. To design more accessible apps, designers should familiarize themselves with accessibility settings like Dynamic Type and VoiceOver and test apps regularly with accessibility settings enabled.

How We're Building More Inclusive and Accessible Components at GitHub (5 minute read)

GitHub builds resilient and accessible components by integrating various perspectives. It uses the direct input of daily assistive technology users in inception, design, and development. Using a table component as an example, this post illustrates how setting up a context can help inform product teams how to build more inclusive experiences.

Apple's โ€˜Crush' ad is disgusting (4 minute read)

Apple destroys the things in the โ€œCrushโ€ ad to convince customers that they don't need them โ€” all they need is the company's little device, which can do all that and more - no need for annoying stuff like strings, keys, buttons, brushes, or mixing stations. What Apple seems to have forgotten is that the things in the real world โ€” the very things Apple destroyed โ€” give the fake versions of those things value in the first place.
Launches & Tools

Create Device Mockups in Seconds (Website)

Easily design device mockups for presentations or to share on social platforms. Choose between phones, tablets, computers, watches, and displays.

Ambient Sounds for Focus and Calm (Website)

Create your ideal relaxation, focus, or creativity atmosphere with 75 carefully curated sounds.

Lightweight APCA Color Contrast Checker (Figma plugin)

Check your colors using APCA (Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm), a modern color contrast algorithm that aims to be perceptually uniform.

What's next for graphic design, according to industry insiders? (10 minute read)

In the future, the most successful designers won't be pixel-pushers but multidisciplinary creative strategists who are as fluent in brand positioning and strategy as visual design. They'll leverage AI and global freelancer networks to amplify their capabilities, possibly as single-person agencies, and they'll be instrumental in helping brands craft distinctive, emotionally resonant experiences across multiple digital platforms and channels.

How the New Apple Pencil Pro Is Like an Art Studio in a Beautiful Stick (4 minute read)

The new Apple Pencil Pro remains physically unchanged. Still, it comes packed with new features like a gyroscope, haptic feedback, and the ability to locate it using 'Find My,' all at the original price point. Despite the array of enhancements and its synergy with the latest iPad Pro, an eraser function still needs to be present, and compatibility issues may arise for those upgrading from older models.

AI product design: Identifying skills gaps and how to close them (8 minute read)

AI product designers often need help understanding the complex technologies behind their products. Effective communication with technical experts can be difficult, as is keeping up with evolving design patterns for human-AI interaction. This article compiles resources to enhance designers' knowledge and skills, enabling them to tackle their work confidently.
Quick Links

Chalk Artist Transforms City Streets With Charming Interactive Drawings (2 minute read)

Many sidewalks worldwide, including those in Sweden and Taiwan, feature David Zinn's chalk drawings.

Studio Folly Share the Design Secrets of Gubbins, the Hit New Word Game (4 minute read)

Gubbins is a puzzle game where you place tiles to make words, aided or hindered by wildcard modifiers called Gubbins.

Landor's identity for Imperia launches the โ€˜nonna's brand' into an experimental, flavourful future (3 minute read)

Imperia's refreshed logo โ€“ hot off the heels of a rebrand โ€“ has been turned into a pasta rolling machine, whipping out perfect ribbons of fettuccine and tagliatelle.
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