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Apple Apologizes Over Ad 🍎, LottieFiles Gets Investments 💰, Angry Artists with Autodesk 🎨

News & Trends

Apple apologizes for hydraulic crush advert that "missed the mark" (2 minute read)

The advert, which is still live on Apple's YouTube page, shows tools used by creatives – including instruments, desks, games, and paint – being crushed. When the press retracts, an iPad is shown. The video was intended to show how the iPad can be used. However, it was broadly criticized by creatives on social media, who believed that it showed how technology can replace human creatives.

Announcing a Strategic Investment from Webflow Ventures & Figma Ventures (2 minute read)

LottieFiles has announced strategic investments from Figma Ventures and Webflow Ventures. With more than 9 million users and 280,000+ teams, the company recently launched Lottie Creation, a web-based creation tool, and has been focused on building integrations with popular design tools. Through the investment, the company wants to lower the entry barrier for animation so it can be included in more projects.

3D Artists are Furious with Autodesk Over its New Generative AI Model (3 minute read)

Autodesk, renowned for its 3D modeling software, faces backlash from artists over its new generative AI model for 3D design, reminiscent of Adobe's controversial approach with its users. Its experimental "Bernini" project, which can create 3D shapes from various inputs, has sparked concerns about the company's commitment to its core user base.
Opinions & Tutorials

Simon Case: AI will destroy jobs, but there's a silver lining that could save your career (4 minute read)

The rapid advancement of AI in advertising and creative fields may replace jobs, leading to a rise in "single-person, full-service agencies" as AI automates tasks. However, strategic thinking and idea generation will remain valued skills. AI's democratization of design could create new opportunities. Learning AI platforms and strategic skills will help young creatives to stay competitive.

Craft and beauty: The ROI of marrying form and function (3 minute read)

Leaders from Stripe, Linear, and Figma assert that attention to craft and beauty transcends superficial aesthetics, acting as key differentiators and drivers of product usability, customer engagement, and business growth. In a panel discussion, they shared how focusing on quality has increased revenue and highlighted every touchpoint's cultural and pragmatic importance in the user experience.

How to Make Your Design Stories Focused on Your User's Perspective (10 minute read)

Design storytelling is needed. Your story must be told from the user's perspective, and you must ensure your audience empathizes with them, bringing the user perspective through the first-person peripheral perspective. In design storytelling, the focus is not on what you observed, but on what users experienced.
Launches & Tools

!Boring Sound Kit (Website)

A collection of interaction sounds that designers can use for prototyping. It includes sounds for buttons, tapping, success, failure, whoosh, and many more.

Endless Tools (Website)

No code tool for creating 3D assets, critical visuals for social media, identity elements, and other marketing and design needs.

Apple Crusher (Website)

Crush a group of icons like in the controversial iPad Pro commercial.

I took David Hamill's UX challenge (how did I do?) (2 minute read)

The UX challenge seeks to improve the iPhone call screen by addressing complexity and confusion through two design attempts. The first attempt introduces "Ignore" and "Accept" options, each with two sub-options, and the second attempt simplifies the design further, removing the "Ignore" option.

Bombardier's New Logo is Part of a Growing Trend: Naming Your Logo (2 minute read)

The new Bombardier logo, the "Mach," follows a naming trend. Assigning a name can help shape a logo's meaning and control how it's discussed, which is particularly important for abstract symbols that might be interpreted differently. Naming a logo imbues it with an identity and a sense of uniqueness.

Metaphor and Transformation in the Interface (5 minute read)

Metaphors play a crucial role in interface design. They simplify complex information, often borrowing from corporate contexts like the "desktop" and "folders," and evolve over time, as seen with the transformation of the "save" icon from its floppy disk origins. As design grapples with managing complexity, future interfaces might explore alternative sensory cues or spatial representations for conveying meaning.
Quick Links

Artist Uses Squeegee To Create Invigorating Paintings Filled With Unexpected Color and Movement (2 minute read)

Sharece's art starts with acrylic pigment applied in copious arrangements of dots, swirling shapes, and geometric patterns. Once the artist has secured the initial design, she swipes a squeegee across it, revealing a surprising and beautiful composition.

Multifunctionality – Another Way to Promote Sustainable Design (3 minute read)

As a symbol of multifunctional design, Sello reduces waste and environmental impact, allowing users to customize the product as they see fit.

Make Your Figma Components Work Harder (10 minute read)

Components must be built logically using Figma's advanced features, such as nested elements, local variables, instance swaps, and embedded prototype interactions.
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