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Apple Design Veteran Departure 🍎, Sketch v.100 💎, TikTok labels AI contents 3️⃣

News & Trends

25-year Apple design veteran announces departure; Jony Ive's old team ‘almost entirely dissolved' (1 minute read)

Duncan Kerr, a pivotal Apple designer responsible for various iPhone, iPad, and Mac features and a Jony Ive's original team member, is set to leave the company after over two decades. His exit follows a series of veteran Apple design team members departures, signaling a significant shift in the company's design department, which is now led by COO Jeff Williams.

Sketch 100: More than Just a Number (8 minute read)

New features in Sketch 100 include a significant prototyping update, a redesigned web app, better prototype sharing, two workflow-enhancing tools, the ability to pin documents and projects, new token exports, and improvements to the web app notifications view. There are also minor updates to permission groups and archiving.

TikTok is adding an ‘AI-generated' label to watermarked third-party content (2 minute read)

TikTok will now label AI-generated content with an "AI-generated" tag, even if created on other platforms. It is the first social media platform to support the new Content Credentials metadata tags. Content Credentials support will go through a multi-phase implementation to enhance content authenticity. Support for the Adobe-developed tagging system comes as TikTok partners with Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative as well as the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity.
Opinions & Tutorials

The New Apple Pencil Pro is a Death-Sentence for Wacom (5 minute read)

Wacom's addressable market will likely shrink significantly after the new iPad Pro M4 and Apple Pencil Pro are released. The Pencil Pro has become a serious alternative to professional styluses, with features like the new squeeze gesture, rotation tracking, and haptic feedback.

Netflix's Head of Design Answers Every Question You Ever Had About Netflix (26 minute read)

Steve Johnson, Netflix's VP of design, reveals how Netflix designs its system and what he thinks of gaming, the Apple Vision Pro, and generative AI. During this interview, Johnson discusses Netflix's interface, business priorities, future-thinking, and figuring out what you want to watch next on the platform.

Experience Delight: Muuu Packaging Design & Visual Identity (1 minute read)

Muuu Milk challenges conventions by offering high-quality products with a playful twist and reimagining the consumption of milk. Its packaging, a delightful fusion of creativity and functionality, is central to Muuu's identity. Each package is adorned with charming illustrations depicting milk flowing in a deliciously whimsical manner complemented by vibrant stickers that infuse life into the Muuu universe.
Launches & Tools

People + AI Guidebook (Website)

The People + AI Guidebook is a set of methods, best practices, and examples for designing with AI written by Google. It's based on data and insights from over a hundred Googlers, industry experts, and academic research.

Icon Explorer (Website)

Icônes offers you instant access to 100+ icon sets.

AI Illustration Generator (Website)

Generate stylistically consistent illustrations in minutes using pre-designed models or by uploading your creations.

MoonRay Review: DreamWorks Animations' Superb Rendering Software is Free for All (5 minute read)

The MoonRay production renderer started as a tool within DreamWorks Animation. It is now fully open-source, following a similar path to Pixar's RenderMan. This article examines the tool's strengths, such as the Monte Carlo ray tracer, limitations, such as its steep learning curve, and why it might be worth considering for your next project.

Adidas Logo History — Triple stripes and a Trefoil (4 minute read)

Adolf Dassler, founder of Adidas, began producing plimsolls in 1920 and officially established "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik" in 1924. Later, in 1949, he introduced the iconic three-striped sports shoe design, leading to a company name change to "Adidas" due to trademark issues, marking a pivotal moment in the brand's history.

How to Train GenAI to Work as Your Personal Research Assistant (11 minute read)

Generative AI has seeped into personal and professional realms, yet its potential as an experienced assistant for researchers still needs to be explored and utilized. This article emphasizes the importance of training GenAI through tailored prompts, understanding its limitations and biases, and equipping it with context to extract valuable insights. It highlights the need for researchers to continuously learn and adapt to harness GenAI's evolving capabilities effectively.
Quick Links

Case Study: Trivia Game Design and Visual Branding (6 minute read)

OK Boomer is a modern, bright trivia game that taps into different generations' knowledge, events, and experiences.

Star Wars Superfans Can Now Design Their Own Droid (2 minute read)

In celebration of Star Wars Day, Autodesk has partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm to challenge creatives to design a droid.

How AI Damages Brand Trust (4 minute read)

Incorporating unproven technology with a high potential for harm could be an edgy move, but it could also hurt a company's reputation, especially if transparency and responsible AI are lacking.
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