TLDR Design 2024-04-16

Social media thieves of joy 🦹, Hamburger or Oreo Menu Icon 🍔, IKEA’s Gaming Furniture 🎮

News & Trends

Oreo reckons it inspired the design of an ubiquitous UI icon (1 minute read)

McDonald's claims in a mockumentary that the Big Mac inspired the hamburger menu icon in UI, but Oreo challenges this by humorously suggesting the icon is actually two stacked Oreo cookies, even offering a discount on biscuits for adopting this theory.

IKEA unveils inflatable chair that "challenges traditional gaming design" (5 minute read)

During Milan Design Week, IKEA introduced the Brännboll gaming furniture collection, offering versatile pieces that cater to casual gamers and blend into everyday home decor while promoting comfortable and immersive gameplay. The collection includes innovative designs like an inflatable chair, a rocking easy chair for dynamic movement, spill-proof accessories, and multi-functional storage solutions that double as furniture.
Opinions & Tutorials

Be anti-ableist (3 minute read)

Accessibility doesn't just happen in an ableist world. The mechanisms and automatisms are not tuned to produce accessible content, code, or designs. As a designer, developer, project manager, or in any role, you must focus on accessibility and do it intentionally. It will not happen automatically every day of the week.

AI UX-Design Tools Are Not Ready for Primetime: Status Update (8 minute read)

AI tools won't replace UX designers soon as the currently available LLM-based tools are not shortcutting steps in the design process yet. Designers should avoid using AI to generate user data or research findings due to ethical concerns and shouldn't expect significant value from AI tools.

Codegen Plugins (and Other Tips) for Automating Design to Code (3 minute read)

Codegen automatically generates code based on a defined set of rules or specifications. Although Figma's Developer Mode streamlines a considerable portion of design implementation, an entire plugin ecosystem can further speed up your design-to-development workflow. Figma's team recommendations include Anima, Builder, Figma to Code, Locofy.AI, and Replit.
Launches & Tools

Logo System (Website)

A collection of real and fictional logos for designers to get inspired by.

Design System Radar (Figma plugin)

Enhance user experience and improve consistency by providing robust tools for ensuring compliance with a design system's standards.

Screen Ruler (Website)

Validate the implementation of websites by measuring sizes, distances, margins, and paddings of any element on any web page.

The art of parenting while running a design studio: we go BTS at OGRE Studio and Seachange (9 minute read)

Parenting and managing a design studio demands dedication, creativity, and effective time management. It often requires working unconventional hours, balancing responsibilities, and integrating family life with work routines, but it also provides opportunities for growth and improved empathy.

Why are UX professionals on social media thieves of joy? (4 minute read)

UX professionals often feel the need to jump on their accessible white horse and yell at the world about their high moral standards for what good UX is supposed to be, how a company should invest its resources, what a product's roadmap should be, and how we should all look at them as the last standing heroes that separate us from a world of unusable products.

Let's Talk: Does Pokémon GO Meet the Principles of UI Design? (8 minute read)

Aside from being a fun game, Pokémon GO is also a user-friendly, meticulously designed experience. This post uses Nielsen's ten usability heuristics to analyze how user-friendly the game is. Pokémon GO shows how usability principles can elevate a product and captivate its audience.
Quick Links

Longboarding (3 minute read)

'Longboarding' is a process that bridges the gap between trying out a new product and becoming a core user.

FORM's vibrant rebrand of sustainable fashion show Source is joyously optimistic (3 minute read)

The rebrand aims to evoke emotional connection and collaboration, setting the stage for a better fashion future.

This Logo Design Quiz is Actually Really, Really Difficult (2 minute read)

Solopress, an online printing company, prepared a quick quiz to test your logo memory or attention to detail.
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