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First RSPCA Rebrand in 50 Years ย ๐Ÿ‡, Grok Gets Vision ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ, UserTesting AI for Research ๐Ÿค–

News & Trends

Uh-oh, X's Grok AI can now 'understand' images (2 minute read)

Grok-1.5V or Grok 1.5 "Vision" is xAI's first-generation multimodal model. The bot will be able to respond to uploaded pictures and screenshots and reason through complex documents, science diagrams, charts, screenshots, and photographs. It will also have real-world spatial understanding to better understand the physical world depicted in the images uploaded by its users.

UserTesting Expands AI-Powered Experience Research for Deeper Trend Analysis (4 minute read)

Based on UserZoom capabilities, UserTesting has created a new Feedback Engine, which combines AI with generative capabilities to help better understand feedback from user surveys. The company is also expanding its AI-powered insights capability to provide a deeper analysis of trends from user testing operations by enabling AI-powered surveys. AI-powered theme generation will allow researchers to understand test results better.

RSPCA entirely transformed in first brand facelift in 50 years (2 minute read)

Previously seen as โ€œcold and authoritarian,โ€ RSPCA's new look bets big on bright, bold blues and portrayals of happy, healthy animals. Its outdated octagonal logo has been replaced with a more open and inclusive shape, allowing branches to customize the logo with animals.
Opinions & Tutorials

The 7 best books for design in the real world (4 minute read)

"The User Experience Team of One" and "Communicating the UX Vision" offer solutions for designers, "Articulating Design Decisions" guides in explaining choices, "Orbiting the Giant Hairball" navigates organizational constraints, and "Getting to Yes" emphasizes negotiation. "Extra Bold" promotes inclusivity and anti-racism in graphic design.

Execution beats strategy every time (3 minute read)

This article emphasizes the importance of practical execution in achieving success, regardless of the initial strategy's quality, as seen in Meta's development of an ad network. Prioritizing execution, iterating towards success, establishing clear incentives, and maintaining a solid customer feedback loop are key strategies highlighted to drive effective execution.

Unlocking Icon Usability: Insights from Cognitive Psychology (4 minute read)

Understanding certain features of icons helps UX professionals improve their designs by making them easier to find and perceive. Designers can create more intuitive and efficient interfaces by learning how visual attention and object recognition work. Improving icon usability involves optimizing icon concreteness, balancing visual complexity, enhancing distinctiveness, and adapting them to different contexts and use cases.
Launches & Tools

Turn Figma Designs Into Tracking Plans (Website)

Glazed is a visual tracking documentation tool that helps you collect better data, improve collaboration, and streamline event tracking from weeks to days.

App Store Screenshot Tool (Website)

Quickly create professional App Store screenshots using a dedicated powerful screenshot editor.

In-Product Gamification (Website)

Build gamified experiences in minutes, personalize user journeys, and boost adoption.

Humane AI Pin review: not even close (18 minute read)

The Humane AI Pin, designed to replace smartphones, operates with an AI assistant and the CosmOS system. However, it lacks basic features and advanced AI. Despite its current limitations, the device shows promise for the future of AI technology. However, its reliability issues and lack of discretion in public settings currently hinder its recommendation for purchase.

Smart Typography Tools (2 minute read)

Using typographic intelligence technologies optimizes font choices, line spacing, text rearrangement, and more. Its scope can seem overwhelming, but creating a product that considers several different flexible, multiscriptural, accessible points of view simultaneously is an effort that pays off, as designers can tailor compositions to fit the readers' needs. Innovative typography tools can let designers work on more critical tasks by providing sensitive, high-level controls for managing low-level details.

Lego's Vibrant New Brand Identity Feels Both Nostalgic and Timeless (2 minute read)

Lego intends to facilitate a seamless brand experience across digital and physical products by launching a complete brand identity built in-house. This resulted in 23 guidelines and 110 principles that were boiled down to five fundamental design principles: design for the audience, build from the system-in-play, tell stories, be playful and optimistic, and keep it simple.
Quick Links

Lucozade launches its biggest redesign in nearly 100 years (3 minute read)

The redesign followed extensive consumer research, including agile prototyping and real-time workshops, allowing immediate consumer feedback into the design process.

I'm still trying to generate an AI Asian man and white woman (6 minute read)

Meta's AI image generator and Google's Gemini and DALL-E 3 struggle with interracial pairings, often producing inaccurate results.

โ€œThe Key is Irregularityโ€: This Arabic Font is Made to Accommodate Dyslexic Readers (3 minute read)

Maqroo was developed based on several tests with dyslexic users, which revealed that reinforced irregularities - such as different-sized inner spaces -made glyphs easier to distinguish, making them more readable.
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