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WhatsApp's New Nav 💬, Vizcom Industrial Design with AI  💰, Lamborghini Redesign 🚗

News & Trends

Vizcom Secures $20M Series A to Redefine Industrial Design with AI (2 minute read)

Vizcom has closed a $20 million Series A round of financing to continue expanding its AI-powered industrial design platform and growing its team. Through the platform, designers can transform sketches into photorealistic renderings and explore countless design variations while collaborating with other team members in real time. Rather than replacing designers, Vizcom's user-centric approach empowers them with an intuitive user interface that allows them to import sketches, draw directly within the application, and refine designs using natural language commands.

Lamborghini Redesigns Bull and Shield Logo After Twenty Years (2 minute read)

Lamborghini has rebranded for the first time in two decades as part of a broader shift towards sustainability and decarbonization. The Italian automaker followed the trend of flat, simplified logos but kept the iconic bull logo at the center of a shield and introduced a broader, thinner typeface.

WhatsApp confirms new navigation bar at bottom of screen for Android users (2 minute read)

WhatsApp’s new swipeable bottom bar navigation is designed to be closer to users' thumbs and, therefore, easier to reach. This makes it easier to switch between tabs without moving the thumb to the top of the device when users want to switch between chats, calls, and other options.
Opinions & Tutorials

Design is Politics (2 minute read)

The design process is more than hiding in isolation and revealing your masterpiece after some time. You are usually expected to work with others while producing your work, communicating effectively, de-escalating arguments, making and explaining decisions, organizing projects, etc. In reality, refusing to "participate in the organization's politics" will likely hurt your odds of being successful.

On Canva's Surprise Affinity Acquisition — What Even Is an App Anymore? (4 minute read)

Canva acquired the Affinity suite to compete with Adobe's Creative Suite, potentially leveraging its payment model as a strategic advantage. Unlike Adobe's subscription-based model, the Affinity suite distinguishes itself with its excellent mobile compatibility and the option to download apps for free, with a one-time payment for ownership.

Diary Studies: Understanding Long-Term User Behavior and Experiences (15 minute read)

Diary studies yield extensive qualitative data over time. Before delving into insights, designers should reassess their research questions to examine behavior evolution and influences. They should also analyze the entire customer journey if their study focuses on a product or service relationship.
Launches & Tools

StackBlitz (Website)

Improve developer experience, drive design system adoption, and remove the barriers to contribution.

Spectrum (Figma plugin)

Generate beautiful color palettes and apply them instantly to illustrations, images, interfaces, and anything on the canvas with a click.

Bezi AI (Website)

Design 3D apps and games faster than ever.

Adobe Shares Sneak Peeks of What its Future Generative AI Products Could Look Like (3 minute read)

Adobe gave a sneak peek of its latest experiments during the latest Adobe Summit. Two of them were particularly impressive. By leveraging AI, Project Brand Slam ensures that all branding materials adhere to the brand's guidelines, including logos, images, text, and formatting. In Project Infograph, users enter a dataset and short text descriptions of the main messages they want to convey, and the tool returns color palettes, graphics, and charts.

Level Up: Exploring the Artistic Side of Video Game Design (5 minute read)

Video games are increasingly using illustration and painterly art to make mesmerizing and charming visual experiences, elevating them to the status of art, as evidenced by museum exhibits in places like the V&A and MoMA. Artistry in game design usually comes from independent productions that push the medium's creative limits. These edgy approaches have inspired bigger studios and publishers to move away from photorealism and towards unique art styles.

The Future Of User Research: Expert Insights And Key Trends (8 minute read)

Based on responses from over 1,200 product professionals, Maze’s Future of User Research Report uncovers how product teams research to inform decision-making and build successful products. The top three trends identified are: the demand for user research is growing, research democratization empowers more robust decision-making, and AI allows product teams to scale research significantly.
Quick Links

Stop, Look & Think: Get “Drawn” into Craig Frazier’s Illustrations (9 minute read)

Craig Frazier's illustration career started in 1978 with a design philosophy emphasizing approachability, simplicity, and the importance of narrative elements in his work.

The Artist Behind an Iconic Beatles Album Cover Made this New Budweiser Can (1 minute read)

Peter Blake, the artist behind the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, designed a new limited-edition Budweiser can.

Redesigning navigation with a user-centric approach (9 minute read)

A case study on redesigning complex navigation by using iterative feedback loops, continuously gathering user input, and implementing improvements to create a navigation system that was more intuitive and efficient.
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