TLDR Design 2024-02-21

UK Logo Update 👑, Adobe Acrobat AI 📄, Tesla’s Chief Designer Workout 💪

News & Trends

The UK government logo gets a subtle but clever update (4 minute read)

The UK government has quietly updated the logo on its official website to reflect King Charles III's preference for the Tudor Crown. The previous logo was based on Queen Elizabeth II's favored St Edward's Crown. The change is causing some controversy regarding its cost amidst economic concerns. Government officials have defended the update as a symbol that reflects the new monarch's reign.

Tesla’s chief designer has a side hustle: Leading coworkers through workouts in the company’s parking lot (4 minute read)

Tesla's chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, known for his work on the Cybertruck, leads wellness initiatives by conducting exercise sessions dubbed "FranzFit." Working closely with CEO Elon Musk, von Holzhausen embodies traits like decisiveness and openness to new ideas. His efforts align with a trend among tech leaders, like Will Ahmed of WHOOP and Matteo Franceschetti of Eight Sleep, who prioritize employee wellness, recognizing its impact on productivity.

Adobe Acrobat adds generative AI to ‘easily chat with documents’ (5 minute read)

Adobe has introduced an AI Assistant in Acrobat. The new generative AI feature enhances the digital document experience by simplifying the comprehension and retrieval of information within lengthy documents. Adobe's AI-powered chatbot can summarize documents, answer questions, recommend content, and generate citations and links. It is designed to streamline tasks associated with extensive text documents, catering to users like students, professionals, and researchers.
Opinions & Tutorials

Interaction Footprint: a new tool for measuring design (7 minute read)

Measuring design impact is hard, especially for design outcomes that don’t go to production immediately. Designers trying to prove the improvement of a new design over the status quo can use the interaction footprint framework to prove how much the new design outperforms the old one.

How the Biggest Apps Design Onboarding: Lessons from Figma, Duolingo, and More (13 minute read)

Most products simply ignore onboarding, missing an incredible opportunity to increase user retention and make customers more likely to pay. This article shows how to avoid common mistakes and engage users when they first meet your product using examples from Miro, Figma, Duolingo, and other tech companies.

OKR in Product Design (6 minute read)

OKR is a goal-setting technique that helps teams establish measurable goals. Designers can use OKRs to drive strategic design initiatives, but they shouldn’t make them too wordy. They should be clear about their benefits to the company and be specific about when they want to achieve it.
Launches & Tools

Noisy Gradients (Figma plugin)

Create stunning gradient backgrounds in a variety of cool colors.

Motion Designers' Headquarters (Website)

Motionimo is a compilation of motion design resources, tips, and inspiration.

UX Challenges (Website)

This website features real-world challenges to practice crucial UX design skills.

Unveiling the Magic: A Deep Dive into Snapchat’s UI Design Strategies (12 minute read)

Snapchat’s UI design is a testament to the power of innovative and user-centered design strategies. The app’s intuitive navigation, visually appealing interface, and emphasis on simplicity and interactivity have made it a favorite among millions worldwide.

Beyond numbers: Proving the value of design(ers) (7 minute read)

Design is a process. However, designers are only evaluated on their outputs - the things they made - because we are obsessed with hard proofs. How well someone moves through the process or the care someone puts into understanding the problem is often lost when we measure success only with numbers.

What Does the New Sora AI Mean for VFX Artists? (1 minute read)

VFX artists have expressed concerns over the capabilities of OpenAI's Sora, an AI model that can generate sophisticated video content based on simple text prompts. Many fear that the new model will endanger their careers, but others welcome it and want to integrate it into their practices.
Quick Links

The Vision Pro is Proof that the Quest 3 Needs a Major UI Refresh (2 minute read)

Quest 3 scores points in price, hand tracking, and games, but Apple dominates in one area: UI. Andrew Bosworth, Meta's CTO, says the company is working on revamping the UI for its headsets, reworking some of the core UI infrastructure to enable a richer experience.

Zapier's Branding & Visual Identity: Motion-Driven Innovation (3 minute read)

Explore how Zapier's branding and visual identity, crafted by Athletics, incorporates motion to revolutionize digital workflow automation, making every user interaction seamless and intuitive.

404 Creatives: Exploring the Artistry of 404 Error Page Design (6 minute read)

A list of beautiful, artistically crafted 404 pages for when a website's content can’t be found. These seemingly mundane digital dead-ends have evolved into captivating showcases of artistic expression, reflecting the ingenuity and personality of their creators.
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