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Interview with Figma CEO 🎙️, OpenAI Sora Concerns 🎥, Adobe Spectrum 2 🎨

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Interview: Figma’s CEO on life after the company’s failed sale to Adobe (12 minute read)

Figma’s CEO Dylan Field will use the $1 billion cash from Adobe's breakup fee to acquire tech companies. Figma was never meant to be just a design tool. Field wants to explore the potential of generative AI and the role it will increasingly play in the design process.

Introducing Spectrum 2: Adobe’s Revamped Design System (6 minute read)

Adobe has revamped its Spectrum design product design system, establishing a consistent language and user experience. The company recognized the evolving user landscape, technological advancements, and the need for even greater cohesion across its products. Spectrum 2's preview images suggest enhanced visual hierarchy, brighter aesthetics, rounded design elements, and improved readability.

What Was Sora Trained On? Creatives Demand Answers (4 minute read)

OpenAI's Sora is an impressive diffusion model that translates visual data into "patches," or pieces, that the model can interpret and turn into hyperrealistic videos. While the company states it draws inspiration from large language models that acquire generalist capabilities by training on internet-scale data, it doesn't mention where the visual data came from. Many artists and creatives have already expressed on social media that the model was trained based on copyrighted data and will negatively impact their livelihoods.
Opinions & Tutorials

The Complete Guide to Hick's Law in UX (4 minute read)

With the help of Hick's Law, you can present choices strategically to users in a way that minimizes their cognitive load and effort, making their experience more efficient and enjoyable. By understanding user behavior and context within the interface, designers can reduce the number of choices in a user interface, highlight key options, use progressive disclosure, and simplify complex tasks.

The UX of AI: Lessons from Perplexity (6 minute read)

Most of the widespread AI integration we’re seeing now lacks creativity. Many companies rushed to cram AI chatbots into their products as a quick, obvious way to integrate the new technology. These chatbots can be helpful, but they are rarely the right solution.

The optimal user onboarding zone (5 minute read)

A user’s ability to realize the most value out of a new product (“performance”) might be correlated to the amount of friction (“stress”) involved in onboarding to it. The optimal onboarding experience can be represented as the peak of a bell curve graphed along those two measures. If the onboarding experience is too passive, or the new user is hand-held even through the most basic tasks, you risk the user not realizing the personal value they could gain from the experience - they will quickly lose interest.
Launches & Tools (Website)

Leverage an existing website and import its HTML to Figma to start your designs without building each element from scratch. It can also be used to capture websites for a benchmark of moodboard in Figma.

Publish Your Design System Instantly, Directly from Figma (Website)

Turn any published Figma library into a fully and shareable documented design system into a custom domain website.

Recraft (Website)

Recraft is a generative AI design tool that lets users create and edit digital illustrations, vector art, icons, and 3D graphics in a uniform brand style. Designers can start with text or visual input, select a style, and edit with repaint and lasso on an infinite canvas.

IBM Equal Access: Automated Accessibility Tool Review (11 minute read)

The IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker browser extension helps you quickly scan web pages for accessibility issues and create a report of your accessibility audit. Combining its analysis with more complex automated tools and manual testing provides a solid foundation for tackling accessibility issues effectively.

Video Generation Models as World Simulators (8 minute read)

Video generation models could provide a promising way to build general-purpose simulators of the physical world. OpenAI combined text-conditional diffusion models with videos and images of varying lengths, resolutions, and aspect ratios to generate its outputs to create Sora. Based on a transformer architecture, Sora can create a minute of high-fidelity video using spacetime patches of video and image latent codes.

Becoming a Design Engineer (4 minute read)

Most front-end developers are not concerned about translating every single detail of your design into code. Becoming a design engineer is a valid option for those looking to transform their vision into the reality users experience.
Quick Links

Finally, an Interesting Super Bowl Logo (2 minute read)

The NFL collaborated with local artists after receiving numerous complaints about boring logo designs. Super Bowl's 2025 logo, designed by Tahj Williams, queen of the Black Masking Indian tribe, is bright, bold, and vibrant, like New Orleans.

This Artist Has Been Using Only a Typewriter To Create Drawings for the Last 10 Years (3 minute read)

James Cook's art has gained international acclaim for its pure use of letters and symbols from vintage typewriters. Over the past ten years, Cook has drawn over 300 portraits of celebrities and pop culture icons and recreated famous paintings from artists ranging from Leonardo da Vinci to Banksy.

On-Scroll Animation Ideas for Sticky Sections (1 minute read)

Ideas on how sticky sections can be animated while exiting the viewport.
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