TLDR Design 2024-02-12

Scientific American Rebrand 🧑‍🔬, Waze Redesign 🧭, Vision Pro Changing Fashion 👗

News & Trends

Pentagram rebrands Scientific American (2 minute read)

Pentagram redesigned Scientific American's masthead - it retained the basic construction of the former logo but is now more space-efficient. Lower contrast between thick and thin strokes provided a bolder mark. Pentagram also updated Scientific American's print edition to improve its readability.

Waze redesigns reporting on Android and iOS, but also removes some choices (4 minute read)

Google's Waze app significantly changed its reporting feature, enhancing the user experience. Users can now easily report road conditions such as traffic, crashes, police activity, and bad weather with streamlined menus and faster submission. However, some options, like roadkill, have been removed.

This Apple Vision Pro App is Already Changing Fashion Design. Here’s How (5 minute read)

Swatchbook, a materials marketplace platform, is releasing Remix for Apple Vision Pro to reduce the time-consuming process involved in fashion design drastically. Fashion designers can see their designs in life-size and even walk around them as if they were floating in space. Designers can then select any element of their garment to replace with another material or color to see how it looks without waiting weeks or months for a physical sample.
Opinions & Tutorials

Creating portfolio pieces (7 minute read)

Designers shouldn’t treat their portfolios as an archive of their work, but as a pitch or a proposal. They should avoid deciding which work to showcase in their portfolio when they’re desperately looking for a job because these decisions are made under duress. Instead, they should focus on the pieces of work that will make them stand out.

Design Dilemma: Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality (10 minute read)

Ideally, aesthetics and functionality merge seamlessly in digital design, but that isn’t always the case. Whether a project focuses on aesthetics or functionality, the designer’s ultimate goal should always be to create a positive and meaningful experience for the user.

The Future of Design? Using AI to Enhance Human Cognition and Creativity (7 minute read)

Metacognition is the process of thinking about one's thought processes. This is a crucial skill for designers as it enables them to evaluate their designs critically, identify knowledge gaps, and adapt their creative approaches. Cornell University's "Multi-Self" tool provides real-time biofeedback on designers' emotional states based on their neural data. Externalizing this typically internal information should lead to valuable self-reflection and expanded creative exploration.
Launches & Tools (Website)

A daily updated gallery of beautiful websites, digital products, and tools in the industry.

Figma Icons Library (Website)

Figicon is a collection of thousands of free minimal and pixel-perfect Figma icons for your projects.

Image Tracer (Figma plugin)

Easily convert images into vector layers directly in Figma.

Three Forces That Will Stabilize Your Design System (6 minute read)

A design system stabilizer is a measure of trust and respect earned through collaboration with your team. Over time, a successful system can only be maintained and evolved based on authority, value, and tradition.

Brilliant Labs’s Frame glasses serve as multimodal AI assistant (6 minute read)

Under the leadership of ex-Apple executive and Brilliant Labs CEO Bobak Tavangar, Frame has introduced what it calls a paradigm shift in daily living. Weighing only 39 grams, Frame is manufactured using engineering-grade nylon plastic for comfort and durability. It features a high-resolution vivid display with 3,000 nits of brightness, a front-facing spatial camera, and an integrated microphone.

A Window of Opportunity: The Lack of Cultural Nuance in Air India’s Rebrand (6 minute read)

Air India opted to sideline historical nuances in its rebranding to position the airline within the global market. The airline sought to modernize its image while appealing to a broader, global audience, potentially at the cost of some cultural distinctions.
Quick Links

The 10 Best Logos of 2023 - Ranked (9 minute read)

The 10 best logo redesigns for 2023 came from Bolt, Nickelodeon, Sundance, Mozilla Thunderbird, Hodder and Stoughton, Jell-O, Nokia, 7Up, Burberry, and Pepsi.

Monotype’s Type Trends Report Predicts 90s and Y2K Grunge, AI-Inspired Surrealism and a Return of Serif Fonts (3 minute read)

Monotype's 4th annual Type Trends report lists ten trends shaping the arts and culture this year. Among its highlights are AI-inspired surrealism, the resurgence of 90s and Y2K aesthetics, and more.

Spectacular Winning Photos From The CIOB “The Art Of Building” Photo Contest (2 minute read)

The Chartered Institute of Building has revealed the winners of its architectural photography competition. Out of 1,500 submissions, only 15 images were advanced for further evaluation.
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