TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-04-25

Stripe crypto payouts πŸ’Έ, Polygon Supernets ⚑, understanding EVM πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Β 

Innovation & Launches

Stripe launches crypto support in Connect, starting with payouts for creators on Twitter (3 minute read)

Stripe is adding crypto payments to its Connect payouts platform and Twitter will be the first to let people get payouts in crypto using it. Twitter already uses Connect for several monetization services aimed at creators. Connect supports local currencies in 70 countries, 135 crypto tokens, cash-out, and NFT trading. Twitter's rollout will start with support for USDC payouts on the Polygon network.

Polygon will invest $100M in projects that use its Supernets blockchain (4 minute read)

Polygon has launched a new kind of dedicated blockchain network called Supernets. It will invest $100 million into projects interested in growing through a dedicated Polygon Supernet chain. Polygon Supernets are dedicated networks that organizations can run with no hosting or operational costs. They use Polygon Edge as the underlying infrastructure solution. Polygon Edge is a development tool that lets users create networks tailored to specific needs. More information about Polygon Supernets and Polygon Edge is available in the article.
Guides & Resources

Privacy Blockchain Findora Launches Ethereum-Based Testnet 'Yellow Submarine' (2 minute read)

Findora, a privacy-focused blockchain, has launched its latest project on a testnet in partnership with the Project Columbus DAO. Yellow Submarine is a privacy protocol that lets users manage and discreetly transact Ethereum-based tokens across multiple blockchains. Its compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts sets it apart from other privacy protocols. Findora plans to launch a decentralized privacy-preserving vault, confidential money markets, NFTs, and private DAO fundraising.

The EVM Handbook (Website)

This site contains a curated list of resources on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The EVM is the part of Ethereum that handles smart contract deployment and execution. Resources on the site include books and videos introducing the EVM, Solidity tutorials, links to sites with EVM puzzles and tools, and much more.

Here’s a guide to identifying whales and analyzing how their trades affect the market (5 minute read)

Whale movements are simple signals that can have a colossal effect on the price of a cryptocurrency. This Twitter thread talks about the different types of whale transactions, market depth, how to find wallets to track, and how to track and analyze wallets. It is simple to watch exchange wallets for transactions. Incoming transactions usually mean that the whale intends to sell, while outgoing transactions imply that the whale will hold. Identifying successful traders and watching their movements can help in finding early opportunities.

Mapping the traditional tech stack to -> decentralized protocols, blockchain, & web3 (4 minute read)

This Twitter thread discusses decentralized protocols, blockchain, and web3, and how these technologies compare to traditional tech. It covers topics like file storage, indexing and querying data, interacting with data, identity, and more. The ideas in the thread could help developers understand how they might get started in the space.

6 strategies to protect your profits & avoid a 2022 bust (3 minute read)

This Twitter thread examines what happens to DeFi yields during a bear market. It looks at the four main sources of DeFi yields (demand for borrowing, options writing, protocol revenue, and token inflation) and analyzes how each source is affected in a down run. The thread reviews several staking strategies that were profitable during the bull market to see which are sustainable and which will go away.

A thread on community currency (2 minute read)

Early in its development, the Dogecoin community would use Doge as a way to tip for anything as there were practically no fees. The community had the catchphrase of '1 Doge = 1 Doge' to remind itself that Dogecoin was a currency, not a speculative instrument. Kevin Rose became involved with the Dogecoin community in 2014. Rose's Moonbirds project was influenced by his time with the Doge community.

$45 million permanently locked, or is it? (2 minute read)

The AkuDreams auction contract contained an exploit, which community members called out. However, the AkuDreams team pretended that it was a feature, not an exploit, so someone employed a griefing contract and locked 15,490 ETH away. The griefer offered to unlock the funds as long as the team took responsibility for the exploit. Screenshots of the smart contract and griefing contract code are available in the thread.

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