TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-03-16

Bored Ape metaverse πŸ’, $1m bet on LUNA πŸŒ™, potential airdrop list πŸͺ‚

Innovation & Launches

Crypto.Com Announces β€˜Initial Phase’ of US Launch (2 minute read) is now available to waitlisted users in the US and will roll out fully in the coming months. The waitlist was for US institutional investors only. VIP users on the platform will have access to exclusive events, rewards, and cutting-edge market insights. joined other crypto exchanges this year in buying up Super Bowl advertising space.

Enjin Launches Polkadot Parachain for NFTs and Gaming (1 minute read)

Enjin has launched Efinity, the first parachain on the Polkadot network dedicated to NFTs. Efinity will host over 100 blockchain-based games and applications. Polkadot parachains allow projects to create their own dedicated blockchains at scale. Enjin plans to roll out beta versions of its NFT marketplace and wallet by the end of March.

Bored Ape startup plans virtual land sales, APECoin token to kickstart metaverse gaming project (3 minute read)

Yuga Labs is planning to build a gaming-focused metaverse called MetaRPG that will be compatible with a host of NFTs. It hopes to raise hundreds of millions of dollars by selling off 200,000 virtual plots of land. The company made $127 million in net revenue last year, mostly through virtual land sales. MetaRPG will have an in-game app store that will allow players to create characters using NFTs they own and use them in the game. Purchases in the store will be made using a token called APECoin.
Guides & Resources

How to build a Solana Program (20 minute read)

This tutorial goes through how to create a program on the Solana blockchain. It discusses the difference between working with a blockchain vs. traditional web services, the language of blockchains, how to store data on Solana, how to build a frontend, and more. A live demo app is available.

Crypto Fonts (Website)

Crypto Fonts is an open-source library with a high-quality utility font and more than 1,500 crypto-themed CSS and SVG icons. Icons can be customized by size, color, shadow, and more. The font and icons can be used for free without signing up.

AIRDROP GUIDE 2022 (Twitter Thread)

This Twitter thread contains a list of more than 13 no-token protocols that might do an airdrop in 2022. It includes instructions on how to participate in the airdrops.

Ethereum Merge testing on Kiln mostly successful, save for one minor bug (2 minute read)

Kiln has successfully passed the Ethereum Merge. The Ethereum Merge will combine Ethereum's Execution Layer with the Consensus Layer from the Beacon chain to turn Ethereum into a proof-of-stake network. There were several bugs during Kiln's tests but the problems have been solved. The Merge upgrade is scheduled to be shipped by the end of Q2 2022.

Terra’s CEO places $1 million bet on the coin (2 minute read)

Twitter user Sensei Algod offered a million-dollar open bet that the price of LUNA will be much lower a year from now. Do Kwon, CEO and founder of Terra, accepted the bet. A smart contract has been created for the bet. Sensei sees the project as a Ponzi scheme without any potential for the long term. LUNA has been performing above expectations despite the bear market.

Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Passes 30M Users, Plans DAO and Token (2 minute read)

MetaMask now has over 30 million monthly active users, with a 42% increase in the last four months. It plans to launch a decentralized autonomous organization and a token. The token will be launched cautiously and will not be a cash grab. There are no details on when MetaMask's DAO or token will launch.

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