TLDR Crypto 2024-07-08

Celsius Suing Former Customers 😡, Grass Open Sources a Huge Dataset 🌱, The Hot Start Problem 🔥

Markets & Business

2024 Election: The Role of Crypto (6 minute read)

Celsius suing former customers for withdrawing before bankruptcy declaration (1 minute read)

2024 Election: The Role of Crypto (6 minute read)

Innovation & Launches

Grass open sources a dataset with over 600 million Reddit posts and comments (1 minute read)

Introducing PufferUniFi - Puffer's Based Rollup (4 minute read)

Guides & Resources

The Hot Start Problem: When Speculation is a Feature vs a Bug (2 minute read)

LayerZero Breakdown (1 minute read)


Solana origin story (15 minute read)

Liquidity & Utilization of Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) - June (6 minute read)

Quick Links

Do People Actually Care About Decentralization? (3 minute read)

TON's plan to onboard 500M users (4 minute read)

Maximum Viable Security (MVS): a new framework for Ethereum Issuance (6 minute read)

Avalanche launches Interchain Token Transfers (12 minute read)

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