TLDR Crypto 2024-07-05

Germany Moves $175m in BTC 🇩🇪, Russia Considers Legalizing Stablecoins 🪙, Rabby Quietly Adds Fees 🐰

Markets & Business

German government selling up to $175M BTC (1 minute read)

Russian government considering legalizing stablecoins for cross-border payments (2 minute read)

Innovation & Launches

EIP-7732: Enshrined Proposer Builder Separation (2 minute read)

ERC-5564 and ERC-6538 pave the way for stealth address payments (3 minute read)

Guides & Resources

The Privatization of Orderflow And Resurgence of The Fat App Thesis (5 minute read)

Hyperliquid Thesis (5 minute read)


What's the Deal with MegaETH? (4 minute read)

Friendtech's downfall (2 minute read)

Quick Links

Rabby wallet quietly adds a fee to their swaps (1 minute read)

$WELL token launch disaster (2 minute read)

Decline of Vanilla L2s (1 minute read) no longer moving chains (1 minute read)

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