TLDR Crypto 2024-02-08

ETFs with Yield? 🥩, Into the Wormhole 🪱, Smart Contracts for Airdrop Farming 🚜

Markets & Business

Ark 21Shares Amends Spot Ether ETF Proposal to Include Staking Language (2 minute read)

Ark 21Shares has amended its spot ether ETF filings, hinting at the possibility of staking as a component of the fund. This is a potential milestone in the cross-over of traditional finance and digital assets. Analysts predict that if ETFs hold Ethereum and are allowed to keep staking rewards, it could trigger significant growth in the staking industry. The final decision on the ether ETFs is due from the SEC in May.

Prometheum, the Only U.S.-Registered Crypto Platform, Picks Ether as Its First Product (5 minute read)

Prometheum, the only U.S.-registered cryptocurrency securities platform, plans to start its business by holding customers' Ethereum starting next month, according to co-CEO Aaron Kaplan. The company, which recently cleared regulatory hurdles for its custody operation, aims to service a wide range of tokens and launch its trading operations by the second quarter of 2024.
Innovation & Launches

Treasure Infinity Chains (15 minute read)

This litepaper details Treasure’s new decentralized gaming platform, Infinity Chains. The paper outlines the future of blockchain gaming and features an in-depth description of Treasure Chain, the main settlement layer for Infinity Chains' network. Key elements of this design include game-specific rollups and the role of MAGIC as the network's primary token. The project is aiming for a Q3’24 mainnet launch after a Q1’24 testnet implementation.

Wormhole (W) Tokenomics (6 minute read)

Wormhole, a multi-chain bridge solution supporting 30+ blockchains, announced the upcoming launch of its native token, W. With an initial supply of 1.8 billion, the token allocation will include strategic stakeholders, community and launch, core contributors, ecosystem and incubation, strategic network participants, and the WormHole Foundation Treasury. The community piece of this will include an airdrop for which the snapshot has already been taken and will be one of the most anticipated airdrops of the year.
Guides & Resources

Maximizing Your Airdrop Potential on Eigenlayer (2 minute read)

Eigenlayer has reopened its deposits. This thread presents three strategies to optimize your chances for Eigenlayer airdrops. The strategies involve the use of KelpDAO, Stader, Pendle, EtherFi, Swell Network, Curve Finance, and Eigenpie. With these strategies, depositors can earn various rewards, including EigenLayer points, Kelp Miles points, EtherFi points, Swell points, and others.

Improving your Airdrop Farming Strategies with Smart Contracts (3 minute read)

This tutorial, aimed at increasing users’ chances for airdrop rewards, provides a quick, cost-efficient guide to deploying smart contracts on EVM blockchains and minting NFTs in 15 minutes or less. It leverages user-friendly tools, accessible to individuals without prior coding knowledge. The steps include smart contract creation and deployment, setting up NFT claim conditions, uploading NFT metadata, and ultimately minting the NFT. The tutorial further simplifies the process by using predetermined files and websites.

BitGo Looks to Jumpstart RWA Tokenization Segment via Acquisition (3 minute read)

Crypto financial services firm BitGo is acquiring Brassica, a company focused on infrastructure services for private securities and alternative investments, intending to adapt its services for crypto assets. The move is an attempt to bridge the gap between crypto and TradFi. BitGo will offer support for both traditional private securities and blockchain-based assets.

SEC’s Hester Peirce Still Plans to Push for a Token ‘Safe Harbor’ Plan (3 minute read)

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce is reportedly not giving up on her Token Safe Harbor Proposal designed to attract and support cryptocurrency innovation in the US. Peirce's plan would offer developmental teams a three-year grace period to build decentralized networks free from registration provisions of federal securities laws, assuming certain conditions are met. The proposal seeks to balance the concerns of crypto skeptics with the interests of innovators while addressing the lack of disclosure around token issuances.
Quick Links

The Average Crypto Investor Realized Less than $1,000 of Gains in 2023: CoinLedger (2 minute read)

According to this article, in 2023, the average crypto investor had only $887.60 in gains, which was surprisingly still better than 2022’s dismal average of a $7,000 loss.

MicroStrategy Makes Its Case as Alternative to Spot Bitcoin ETFs (2 minute read)

MicroStrategy, labeled as the first bitcoin development company, posted weaker Q4 earnings, despite being the largest bitcoin holder.

OKX Launches Exchange Services and Crypto Wallet in Argentina (2 minute read)

OKX launched crypto exchange and digital wallet services in Argentina, offering peer-to-peer trading with local support and expanding its presence in Latin America.

Ethereum’s Dencun is Now Live on the Holesky Testnet (3 minute read)

Ethereum's Dencun upgrade, which introduces proto-danksharding, enhancing data throughput and reducing network costs, successfully tested on Holešky. It is now geared up for a mainnet launch.
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