TLDR Crypto 2023-07-10

Gemini Sues DCG 🏛️, Bitcoin’s 4-Year Cycle 📊, Bitcoin-Powered APIs 🤖

Markets & Business

Gemini Sues Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert Over Alleged Fraud (2 minute read)

Circle, Tether Freezes Over $65M in Assets Transferred from Multichain (2 minute read)

Innovation & Launches

Oracleless Lending Protocol on Uniswap v4 (6 minute read)

Powering APIs and Large Language Models with Lightning (14 minute read)

Guides & Resources

Breaking Down Coinbase Ventures’ Investments Thus Far in 2023 (7 minute read)

Bob Loukas on Where We Are in the 4-Year Bitcoin Cycle (5 minute read)


The Myth of The Infrastructure Phase (8 minute read)

Vitalik Buterin Says Ordinals Have Revived 'Builder Culture' on Bitcoin (2 minute read)

Quick Links

Bitcoin Mining Is a Game of Survival, Consolidation, and Potential AI Diversification (8 minute read)

Bored Ape Yacht Club Is Sinking as Floor Prices Spiral (4 minute read)

Japan’s Largest Banks Team Up to Bring Stablecoins to Cosmos (2 minute read)

ERC-7281: Sovereign Bridged Tokens (2 minute read)

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