TLDR Crypto 2022-09-15

The Merge ⚡, LUNA founder arrest warrant 👮, FTX's acquisition fund 💰

The Female-led Metaverse Fashion Mobile Game (Sponsor)

Design, produce, and own your own fashion empire in the Fashion League metaverse. 

Advisors include executives from Riot Games, Animoca Brands, YGG, Unity and Milk Makeup.

Manage and expand your own clothing store. Trade and rent out your products to other players, participate in design competitions, and create your very own tradeable and playable fashion NFTs. Learn more and join our community on Discord.

Markets & Business

The Ethereum merge is hours away: Here’s ‘the big thing’ to watch for (3 minute read)

The Merge will activate when Terminal Total Difficulty reaches 58750000000000000000000. TTD represents the cumulative mining difficulty level of all Ethereum blocks on the Proof-of-Work chain. Miners can continue creating blocks after the upgrade, but clients will reject them as invalid. The Ethereum developers do not expect any major issues with the upgrade.

Crypto Giant FTX Eyes Raising Money to Fund Acquisitions (2 minute read)

FTX is raising capital for a potential acquisition. It is evaluating several possible candidates, some of which are companies operating retail-trading platforms. Negotiations are still in the preliminary stages. The company will seek a $32 billion valuation if it does a capital raise.
Innovation & Launches

GitArch (Twitter Thread)

GitArch is a decentralized and censorship-resistant hosting service for software development and version control using Git. It is built on the InvArch Network and Tinkernet parachain. GitArch features git repositories stored as NFT primitives. It is designed to be a seamless alternative to GitHub.

DeFi Lender Compound Takes Bite of Institutional Crypto Loans Pie (1 minute read)

DeFi lending platform Compound is adding a borrowing service for institutions. The service will accept cryptocurrency as collateral against stablecoin loans. Institutions will pay interest on their loans to generate yield for lenders. Compound's loans are overcollateralized and they are fully transparent to the public.
Guides & Resources

15 Bad Takes on Ethereum (17 minute read)

Ethereum aims to become the settlement layer for the internet of value. There have been many statements made about Ethereum over the years as people learn about the new technology. This article presents 15 of the worst takes on Ethereum with comments by Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake. An extended video interview with Justin Drake about bad takes on Ethereum is available in the article.

VRGDA - The better NFT issuance model (4 minute read)

Variable Rate Gradual Dutch Auctions is an NFT issuance model originally designed for the Art Gobblers. The model allows tokens to be sold close to a custom schedule over time by raising prices when sales are ahead of schedule and lowering prices when sales are behind schedule. The VRGDA formula can align token supplies more closely with the expected demand growth of projects over time. Using the model could lead to more sustainable and healthy development of NFT projects.

South Korean Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon (2 minute read)

A South Korean court has issued an arrest warrant against Do Kwon and five other individuals. They are charged with violating the Capital Markets Act. The collapse of the $40 billion Terra ecosystem kicked off this year's crypto winter. Kwon had said he was cooperating with authorities in an interview last month.

Norway builds CBDC prototype on Ethereum infrastructure (3 minute read)

Norway's central bank digital prototype is based on Ethereum infrastructure. The testing environment for the DSP is available on GitHub. It features support for MetaMask and a custom frontend. More features are expected to be implemented by mid-September. Only around 4% of payments in Norway are conducted with cash.
Quick Links

web3notify (Website)

web3notify enables notifications for web3 apps on EVM-compatible chains.

A Peculiar Flavor of NFTs Is Thriving in China – One Regulators Can Abide (11 minute read)

China's digital collectibles are built on closed networks and designed to appease regulators.

Announcing Proof of Merge (1 minute read)

Proof of Merge is a fully on-chain, non-transferable, and dynamic NFT that will change throughout the Merge.

Starting today, Coinbase will begin integrating our crypto policy efforts right into our app (2 minute read)

Coinbase's new integration will help educate its users on the crypto positions held by political leaders where they live.

The Post-Merge Era: How Will Proof of Stake Affect DeFi and Institutional Investment in Ethereum (5 minute read)

This Merge will likely be beneficial to DeFi and the institutional adoption of Ethereum.
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