TLDR Crypto 2022-08-29

Coinbase considers ETH forks Ξ, Reddit's CEO on crypto 👽, Crypto fund contact list 👋

Markets & Business

Reddit’s CEO explains why he’s still big on the blockchain (7 minute read)

Reddit recently started giving away collectible avatars to its users for free. The only catch was that users had to set up a crypto wallet to receive them. The site will give away 10 million avatars to users over the next few weeks. Reddit hopes that the project will encourage its users to start exploring the concept of portable identity.

Coinbase Pledges to ‘Evaluate’ Forked Ethereum Tokens in Update to ‘Merge’ Policy (1 minute read)

Coinbase has pledged to evaluate Ethereum forks that may spawn after the Merge before listing them on its exchange. It had previously pledged to support the Proof-of-Stake fork but hadn't addressed the possibility of other forks. Binance will also review forks and credit users with forked tokens if it decides to list them. The Ethereum community has largely rejected plans for a Proof-of-Work fork.
Innovation & Launches

DFlow is officially on Solana mainnet (1 minute read)

DFlow is a protocol for open, provably-fair, and decentralized payment-for-order-flow in crypto. It brings improvements that are essential for well-functioning digital markets. DFlow app users pay zero basis points and have guaranteed best-execution from institutional market makers. The protocol features order encryption that prevents front-running. Wallets and crypto-swapping apps can monetize their retail volume by routing to DFlow.

Human status available to all apps via the Lens API (1 minute read)

Human verification for Lens is now available through Worldcoin's World ID protocol. World ID can be used to anonymously prove that you are a unique human being. A single human can only have one verified Lens profile. Lens will be adding human badges to its frontends over the coming weeks.
Guides & Resources

Crypto Funds - Master Contact List (1 minute read)

This Twitter thread links to a document that contains contact information for people in Crypto funds. It includes emails, Twitter handles, and phone numbers. There are around 90 contacts on the list.

A $3 billion chain is about to enable IBC (2 minute read)

The Near protocol is planning to implement the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. This Twitter thread discusses some of the challenges Near has to overcome before the protocol can be implemented. Near IBC implementation means that users will have access to more liquidity without having to rely on token bridges. Composable Finance is working on expanding IBC to major networks with light client support, including Polygon.

Ethereum Could Get Kicked Off Cloud Host That Powers 10% of Crypto Network (1 minute read)

German-based cloud services firm Hetzner's terms of service specifically bar crypto mining and staking. Over 60% of Ethereum nodes are hosted by cloud service providers. Hetzner powers roughly 16% of cloud-hosted Ethereum nodes. The company is aware that it has many Ethereum users and it is internally discussing how best to address the issue. Banning Ethereum users from the cloud provider could further centralize the network.

Web3 Domain Name Service Could Lose Its Web Address Because Programmer Who Can Renew It Sits in Jail (2 minute read)

The domain registration for has expired. It will be available for anyone to take on September 5. Virgil Griffith, the only person with the authority to renew the domain, is currently serving a prison sentence for helping North Koreans use cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions. GoDaddy allegedly decided to suddenly stop honoring a deal to renew the domain. The event shows the importance of decentralized naming systems.
Quick Links

4844 and Done (5 minute read)

The case for why Ethereum should cancel danksharding.

Balaji Srinivasan’s ‘Network State’ Could See Citizens Swap Passports for Ethereum Names (3 minute read)

The Ethereum Name Service could be a key tool for building a Network State.

DeFi Platform Synthetix's Founder Proposes Capping Token Supply at 300M; Here’s Why (1 minute read)

Inflation was intended to bootstrap the network, and the 300 million mark is 'very memeable'.

Data availability is critical for blockchains and rollups (2 minute read)

This Twitter thread discusses data availability verification and erasure correcting Reed-Solomon codes.

Analysis of Aztec (8 minute read)

Aztec is an Ethereum privacy transaction Layer2 based on zero-knowledge proofs.

Algorithmic Stablecoin USDN Falls From Dollar Peg as Liquidity Slumps (1 minute read)

The upcoming Ethereum Merge was cited as a reason for falling liquidity.
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