TLDR Crypto 2022-08-11

FTX bailout losses 🏦, Ripple seeking to buy Celsius 💰, advanced Nansen DeFi & NFT strategies 💡

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Markets & Business

Sam Bankman-Fried: Voyager Deal Likely ‘$70M Down the Drain’ (3 minute read)

Alameda Research's $70 million line of credit to Voyager is likely money that Alameda will never see again. Sam Bankman-Fried has spoken out about the deal, saying that he knew that not every deal would be a winner. Voyager's bankruptcy filing in July revealed that Alameda Research owes $377 million to Voyager. Bankman-Fried is more optimistic about FTX's deal with BlockFi, where the total line of credit is now $680 million.

Ripple Is Considering Buying Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius’ Assets (2 minute read)

Ripple Labs may be interested in purchasing assets belonging to Celsius. Celsius' assets include cash, cryptocurrency, custody accounts, loans, and a Bitcoin mining business. It still has a $1.19 million deficit on its balance sheet. Ripple was valued at $15 billion in January.
Innovation & Launches

DEX Protocol Injective Raises $40M From Jump Crypto, Brevan Howard Unit (1 minute read)

Injective raised $40 million in a funding round led by Jump Crypto. Injective is a decentralized smart contract platform that offers institutions an out-of-the-box solution that can be used to build any finance app. It aims to resolve the scalability issues and bottlenecks that can mar the user experience on decentralized exchanges. The funding will be used to boost utility for its native token, for liquidity, and to support new dApps.

OpenNode, Launch Cart To Launch Bitcoin Payments For Ecommerce Companies (2 minute read)

OpenNode and Launch Cart have partnered up to enable bitcoin payments for eCommerce businesses on Launch Cart's platform. OpenNode is a Bitcoin infrastructure provider and Launch Cart helps lower the barriers of entry into eCommerce for businesses. Businesses on Launch Cart will be able to receive instant, immutable payments through Bitcoin's Lightning Network. The payments can be automatically converted to local currencies. Launch Cart is also launching a marketplace that will let businesses list products at wholesale costs.
Guides & Resources

List of DeFi & NFT focused Nansen strats (1 minute read)

This Twitter thread links to a document that contains notes from 83 episodes of Nansen AI's Office Hours. The notes cover DeFi- and NFT-focused strategies. Topics include smart money plays, due diligence processes, doxing venture capital wallets, tracking real-time trades, and much more.

Insights on the top gas guzzlers on Ethereum (2 minute read)

This Twitter thread looks at the top gas guzzlers on Ethereum using data from Nansen AI. The top gas consuming categories include DEXs, NFT marketplaces, NFT collections, and stablecoins. The top gas consuming contracts since 2017 include Uniswap, OpenSea, and Tether. More statistics and charts are available in the thread.

The Merge TTD (5 minute read)

This article attempts to find a Total Terminal Difficulty (TTD) value for the Ethereum Merge that hits after the Bellatrix mainnet upgrade but before the end of September. It presents two scenarios with different dates for the upgrade. TTD specifies when the second phase of the Merge begins.

CB Ventures has been digging into the #Bitcoin Lightning network lately (3 minute read)

The Lightning Network is a layer 2 network on Bitcoin. It enables near-instant transactions for pennies. The network can theoretically scale to millions of transactions per second. Lightning facilitated between $20 million to $30 million in monthly payments in Q1 22. It is growing in a bear market and becoming more accessible as more businesses adopt the protocol.
Quick Links

NEAR Crypto Token Pumps After Coinbase Adds It to Listing Roadmap (2 minute read)

Coinbase recently added NEAR, CELR, and RAY to its listing roadmap.

Elliptic Introduces Product to Track Crypto Flows Across all Blockchains in Single Screening (2 minute read)

Elliptic's new analytics offering, Holistic Screening, can track crypto movements across and between blockchains in a matter of milliseconds.

Aztec: Connect (5 minute read)

Aztec Connect is a composable private bridge that connects Aztec's rollup with Ethereum DeFi protocols.

We should all have something to hide - Tornado cash takedown (3 minute read)

There are many valid use cases for services like Tornado Cash.

MakerDAO May Execute ‘Emergency Shutdown’ If Sanctions Hit DAI (7 minute read)

MakerDAO will shut down if the core contracts underpinning its stablecoin are sanctioned by the US.
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