TLDR Crypto 2022-07-28

Solana's IRL store 🏪, FTX stock trading 📈, what's next for DeFi 🪙

It’s about time! Use InfluxDB’s time series database as a service (Sponsor)

InfluxDB is a developer favorite and the #1 time series database according to DB-Engines. With serverless InfluxDB Cloud, you can build software on InfluxDB without provisioning infrastructure and managing clusters, and easily collect metrics with Telegraf or pre-configured templates. Try it for free on AWS, Azure, or GCP.
Markets & Business

Federal Reserve Hikes US Interest Rate by 0.75 Percentage Point (2 minute read)

The Federal Reserve has raised US interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point. The move could keep pressure on markets and curb inflation. It is the fourth time this year the US central bank has raised interest rates. The increase was expected by traders due to high inflation rates.

Web3 digital identity startup Unstoppable Domains raises funds at $1 billion valuation (2 minute read)

Unstoppable Domains has raised $65 million in its Series A funding round at a valuation of $1 billion. The platform allows people to create usernames for crypto and build decentralized digital identities. It has registered over 2.5 million domains and generated more than $80 million in sales since it launched in 2019. Over 150 dApps support Unstoppable's single sign-on service for Ethereum and Polygon.
Innovation & Launches

Solana Set to Open IRL Retail Store and Web3 'Embassy' in New York (2 minute read)

Solana is opening a brick-and-mortar store in New York City called Solana Spaces. Staff at the store will teach customers about Solana and web3 and help them set up their first wallets and guide them through their first on-chain transactions. The space is designed to be a cultural center and embassy for Solana. A photo of the store is available in the article.

FTX US Opens Stock Trading in All US States (1 minute read)

FTX.US has opened stock trading to all users in the US. Users are now able to trade hundreds of stocks and exchange-traded funds on the platform. FTX.US will not charge fees or monetize trades.
Guides & Resources

Here’s your guide to Dune Analytics (5 minute read)

Dune Analytics makes it easy to view and understand on-chain data for free. There are thousands of free dashboards available that display crypto data. This Twitter thread presents a guide on how to use the platform. It covers community dashboards, extracting data with queries, creating visualizations, and creating custom dashboards.

What's next for #DeFi? (4 minute read)

This Twitter thread looks at the roadmaps of 25 major protocols to find out what's next for DeFi. Many protocols are launching their own stablecoins and adopting veTokenomics. There is now a focus on progressive decentralization. A lot of protocols are completely overhauling how they work and launching new versions and expanding token use cases. The future is multichain.

A Peep Into Perps: Perpetual Futures Explained (10 minute read)

Perpetual futures contracts (perps) are derivative futures contracts that allow users to buy or sell the value of an underlying asset. They can be held indefinitely, unlike futures contracts which have a settlement date. This article introduces perps and explains how they work. It covers use cases, myths, how perps compare to other derivatives, how to trade perps, and much more.

How ENS Name Wrapper can turn domain squatting on its head (1 minute read)

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) activity is bustling as users are buying domains to sell at a hefty profit. The ENS Name Wrapper turns ENS names into ERC1155 NFTs. It allows parent domains to set permissions or rights on their subdomains. Users are able to control whether subdomains can create more subdomains, transfer ownership, and more. The ENS Name Wrapper brings more clarity and decentralization to ENS trading as anyone can see the rights attached to a subdomain and price accordingly.
Quick Links

Social Rules for DAOs (11 minute read)

New social environments have emerged alongside DAOs.

The most anticipated launch for @chainlink in 2022 is staking 🥩 (3 minute read)

Staking for Chainlink will increase the cryptoeconomic security of its services.

A full breakdown of the new Layer 1: Aptos (4 minute read)

Aptos is a new blockchain developed by former Meta employees.

Algorand CEO Steven Kokinos Departs, Interim Replacement Named (1 minute read)

Sean Ford will be Algorand's interim CEO as Steven Kokinos departs the company to pursue other interests.

Ethereum’s Mainnet Shadow Fork 10 Goes Live Ahead of September Merge (1 minute read)

The final testnet merge is expected to happen on August 10.
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