TLDR Crypto 2022-03-31

LayerZero Omnichain ⚡, web3 company ideas 💡, how to work in crypto 👨‍💻

Innovation & Launches

LayerZero Raises $135M From Andreessen, FTX, Sequoia to Build Out 'Omnichain' Protocol (2 minute read)

LayerZero Labs has raised $135 million in a funding round that puts the company's value at $1 billion. The company's Omnichain interoperability protocol unites the data and liquidity fragmented across applications deployed on different chains. It will allow apps to utilize multiple chains to function more efficiently and developers to build decentralized apps that wouldn't be possible without it. The funding will help accelerate the development of applications using the protocol.

Komodo’s ‘ShibaDEX’ Lets Users Trade Shiba Inu for Tokens on Other Chains (1 minute read)

Komodo has launched a Shiba Inu-centric decentralized exchange called ShibaDEX that uses decentralized order books rather than a liquidity pool. It will allow users to store and trade SHIB and other memecoins with BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, and many other assets natively across their respective blockchains. The exchange will run on AtomicDEX, a DEX app built on top of Komodo DeFi Engine. Komodo recently announced the integration of several blockchain protocols into AtomicDEX, including Polygon, Avalanche, and Harmony.
Guides & Resources

Here are the 7 most innovative crypto founders you haven't heard of... yet (3 minute read)

This Twitter thread looks at seven innovative crypto founders and gives a quick overview of their projects. The projects are still in an early stage and are breaking new ground in crypto.

If you're interested in working in Crypto or Web 3, read this (7 minute read)

There are many benefits to working in web3 and now is the best time to enter. This Twitter thread looks at the different career paths in web3, how to get experience in web3, getting a job in web3, and more. There are many non-technical roles available in web3, such as writing, research, and community management. The thread links to a web3 job board where users can anonymously apply for web3 jobs for free.

Here's a thread of startup ideas I'm excited about seeing built (1 minute read)

This Twitter thread contains several ideas for startups and apps that could be built for web3. They include improvements for infrastructure, DeFi, consumer products, wallets, and more. Developers interested in building any of the items on the list are invited to join AllianceDAO's ALL8 web3 accelerator program, which starts on May 2. Applications close on April 11.

Announcing Foundry v0.2.0 from Paradigm (3 minute read)

A new update for Foundry, a toolkit for Ethereum application development, has been released. The update improves the speed, security, and user experience of the toolkit. New features include gas reports, an interactive debugger, new cheatcodes and fuzzing, easier installation, and more. This Twitter thread goes through the new features in the update and provides links to learn more about Foundry.

So You’ve Stolen $600M. Now What? (4 minute read)

The hackers that stole over $600 million from the Ronin blockchain have been sending the funds to centralized exchanges. Centralized exchanges have know-your-customer verification systems, but it is possible that the hackers are using hacked accounts or an intermediary to launder the funds. There is a flourishing black market for verified accounts at centralized exchanges. The hacker's strategy of using centralized exchanges to directly launder the funds has left the crypto community confused as it doesn't match with the sophistication that would have been required to perform the hack.

The 25 crypto startups that Y Combinator is backing in its W22 batch (14 minute read)

This year was a massive year for crypto on Y Combinator Demo Day. This article lists 25 companies that presented at YC Demo Day, their pitches, and their founders. The startups this year pitched NFTs, DeFi, web3 services, and crypto investing schemes.
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