TLDR Crypto 2022-03-17

AAVE v3 👻, ApeCoin 🐒, home rental NFTs 🏠

Innovation & Launches

Custom Cardano wallet addresses now available for improved usability (3 minute read)

ADA Handle is an NFT-powered naming service that creates human-readable wallets. It was launched earlier this week. Users can choose addresses of up to 15 characters. There are five price tiers that depend on the length of the handle. The system operates without smart contracts or renewal fees. ADA Handles are not currently compatible with centralized exchanges.

Introducing Holon: Home Rentals Powered by NFTs (4 minute read)

Holon is a project that is turning home rentals into NFTs. It has a site similar to Airbnb where hosts can create listings for their properties and guests can browse through listings and purchase a stay. The NFTs represent the host's commitment to providing the home and the guest's commitment to follow the rules of the stay. They are used to unlock prepaid funds for rent and security deposits. Disputes will be handled through a decentralized arbitration system. More details about the project are available in the article.

Galaxy Interactive, Republic, Alameda Team Up for Web3 Gaming Investments (6 minute read)

Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, and Alameda Research have formed a co-investment alliance called New Game+ focused on the Web3 gaming space. NG+ will invest to cultivate the next generation of tokenized video games. It will create Y Combinator-like programs to curate web3 gaming startups. Each partner will play a unique role in helping the startups. Gaming projects will share 10% of their tokens with the firms.

ApeCoin Launches for Bored Ape Ethereum NFT Holders With Reddit, FTX, Animoca Execs on Board (2 minute read)

ApeCoin was launched by ApeCoin DAO on Wednesday. The token will be adopted by Yuga Labs as the primary token for all new products and services. There are a total of 1 billion ApeCoins in existence. Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFT holders will be able to claim a share of the ApeCoin supply. ApeCoin holders will be able to participate in ApeCoin DAO voting and community-based governance.

Aave V3: Live on mainnet across 6 networks! (5 minute read)

Aave V3 is now live. The update introduces portals, a high efficiency mode, an isolation mode, gas optimization, risk management improvements, and more. Users will be able to access Aave V3 via countless new wallet integrations and access points. The Aave app has been redesigned to have simplified transaction flows, faster load times, and enhanced holdings visibility. More details about the upgrade and links to the technical paper are available in the article.
Guides & Resources

A Guide for DeFi-As-Service (10 minute read)

This article gives advice on what to look for in a DeFi protocol and what to avoid. Things to avoid include high rewards, new protocols, bad launches, heavy and aggressive marketing, and forks. Security measures, transparency, the ability to pivot, and utility are positive indicators for a project. Investing in DeFi is risky as many protocols are unsustainable.

Tokenomics Musings: ve tokens and alternatives (9 minute read)

Vote escrowed tokens allow users to receive governance rights and rewards by locking up their tokens for set periods. The downsides of token vote locking are rarely discussed despite how popular vote escrowed tokens have become. This article discusses the downsides of using vote escrowed tokens and suggests alternative tokenomics that avoid these problems.

Juno's Proposal 16 Vote Is a Watershed for Blockchain Governance – For Better or Worse (3 minute read)

The Cosmos-based Juno blockchain community has voted to confiscate a user's funds via the chain's token-voting governance system. A large holder of JUNO tokens was accused of splitting their balance to manipulate the system into receiving more tokens during an airdrop. The whale claimed that they split the funds to receive airdrop tokens on behalf of their clients. The final vote tally was close. Critics claim that the move will undermine the trustworthiness of the system. A hard fork will be required to implement the proposal.

How Andrew Yang Aims to Change Washington With a DAO (3 minute read)

2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang has started a decentralized autonomous organization called Lobby3 DAO. It will use the voting and finance powers of DAOs to direct money to issues important to its members. There are three tiers of memberships at 0.07, 1, and 40 ETH. The DAO offers new opportunities for citizens to influence the political process. A 35-minute podcast in which Yang discusses Lobby3 DAO is embedded in the article.
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