TLDR Crypto 2022-03-10

Carbon blockchains 🌳, Biden's crypto order 📜, understanding DeFi treasuries 🏦

Innovation & Launches

Kava Deploys Ethereum Developer Support on Testnet (1 minute read)

Kava, a proof-of-stake blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK, has added Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contract support with the alpha launch of its Ethereum Co-Chain. EVM support will allow developers from the Ethereum ecosystem to build and deploy on Kava. Kava will give developers more in terms of scalability and interoperability compared to Ethereum. A $750 million incentive program is available for protocols launching on the Kava network.

JustCarbon, Likvidi Launch Blockchain Markets for Carbon Credits (2 minute read)

JustCarbon and Likvidi have launched platforms for tokenized carbon credits. Both platforms will allow the trade of carbon credits. The tokens are able to operate cross-chain and tradable on third-party exchanges. Buying a carbon credit allows the holder to offset one metric ton of carbon or greenhouse gas equivalent. JustCarbon is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization and Likvidi is working with DAO Maker.

Former file-sharing site LimeWire to relaunch as NFT marketplace, more than a decade since shutting down (3 minute read)

LimeWire, the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing service that was shut down in 2010, is relaunching in May as an NFT marketplace. The new LimeWire will focus on music and let users trade items such as limited editions, unreleased demos, and digital merchandise. It will list prices in US dollars and users will be able to make purchases using credit cards. LimeWire plans to raise capital through the launch of a token that will grant holders the ability to vote on the company's policies.
Guides & Resources

NFT Hyperstructures: Building Communities for Longevity (7 minute read)

Hyperstructures are crypto protocols that can run for free and forever without maintenance, interruption, or intermediaries. Protocols must be unstoppable, free, valuable, expansive, permissionless, positive sum, and credibly neutral for them to be called hyperstructures. This article looks at NFT hyperstructures and how Lucid Realms, a crypto MMORPG, was created to be a hyperstructure. The idea of NFT hyperstructures is still in its infancy, so many characteristics are subject to change.

A New Mental Model for Defi Treasuries (7 minute read)

Counting native tokens inside a project's treasury as assets on their balance sheet does more harm than good. Native tokens in a DAO are the crypto-equivalent of authorized but unissued shares. Counting unissued shares would allow companies to arbitrarily inflate their assets by issuing more shares without selling them. It would be difficult for DAOs to actually spend their tokens. This article looks at how to get a more accurate picture of DeFi treasuries. It also provides some guidelines on how to run a protocol.

The many escapes of Justin Sun (31 minute read)

This article tells the story of Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, and the various times he has been in trouble with the law. It includes stories of him fleeing from China after it banned ICOs, his deals with the SEC, interactions with employees, and much more. The investigation is in-depth and sources information from current and former employees.

The History of dYdX - so far (11 minute read)

dYdX is a decentralized exchange platform for cryptocurrency margin trading. This article gives a brief history of the platform so far. It covers the founder's experience before creating dYdX, the lessons the team learned when building the platform, and the direction the company is moving towards in the future.

Biden just put out an executive order on cryptocurrencies — here's everything that's in it (5 minute read)

US President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday calling on federal agencies to take a unified approach to regulation and oversight of digital assets. The measures will focus on consumer and investor protection, financial stability, illicit activity, US competitiveness on a global stage, financial inclusion, and responsible innovation. The new policy agenda will remove uncertainty in the industry. More details about the directive are available in the article.
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