TLDR Crypto 2022-03-02

Long form NFTs 🎬, Proof of Useful Stake ⚡, 10 DAOs to watch 👀

Innovation & Launches

NFT Artist Pplpleasr’s New Project ‘Shibuya’ Brings Long-Form Animation to Web 3 (3 minute read)

Shibuya is a project that brings long-form animations to web3. It plans to release free-to-watch long-form content that is monetized on the blockchain to allow viewer participation in the creative process and shared ownership. The first release will be an anime called White Rabbit centered around a protagonist who goes down the crypto rabbit hole. Holders of Producer Pass NFTs will be able to vote on alternate endings to episodes as well as on the show's future. inaugurates launch with fundraising DAO for Ukraine (2 minute read)

Nation is a platform that allows anyone to build a custom decentralized autonomous organization on the Solana blockchain. It recently launched with a fundraising DAO to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion. DAOs can be used for crowdfunding, investing as a group, to organize for different causes, or to collectively purchase assets. Nation aims to bring DAOs to the masses, letting anyone build an organization even without prior technical or crypto knowledge.

Osmosis introduces Superfluid Staking. How is this a game changer for the Cosmos ecosystem? (3 minute read)

Osmosis Labs has announced the launch of Superfluid Staking on Osmosis, an interchain decentralized exchange. The new feature lets users earn dual incomes by allowing staked assets to be actively used as liquidity. Liquidity providers can now choose to stake their bonded liquidity pool shares with a validator to earn bonus APR on top of fees and other incentives. Users will be able to back PoS blockchains and provide liquidity to Osmosis at the same time. The new feature will incentivize the increased health of the Cosmos ecosystem by securing smaller zones and providing those chains with liquidity.

Today we’re announcing AnyTrust chains, an Arbitrum mode for ultra low-cost transactions with strong security guarantees (Twitter Thread)

Arbitrum AnyTrust Chains is an Arbitrum mode for ultra-low-cost transactions with strong security guarantees. AnyTrust Chains will run alongside Arbitrum One and inherit the security benefits of the Ethereum blockchain. It reduces trust requirements by using the 'fallback to rollup' feature built on top of Ethereum. A link to an article with a deeper explanation of how AnyTrust Chains works is available in the first tweet.
Guides & Resources

The AMM Test: A No BS Look at L1 Performance (11 minute read)

Ethereum's lack of scalability has caused a mass migration to a new generation of layer 1 blockchains. Most of these blockchains use the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which makes them compatible with Ethereum wallets and developer tools. This article looks at several layer 1 chains to compare their speed and performance. While the performance of these chains is much better than Ethereum's, the performance increase is much less than what is claimed. Using the EVM limits performance. Chains that do not use EVM perform significantly better than EVM-based chains.

10 DAOs to Watch Out For in 2022 (6 minute read)

This article provides a list of 10 decentralized autonomous organizations to watch for this year. It explains what each organization was formed to do, why the DAO is worth watching, and who the people behind each organization are. Links to each organization's socials and website are provided.

BitConnect Founder Indicted in $2.4B Ponzi Scheme Has Disappeared (2 minute read)

BitConnect founder Satish Kumbhani has disappeared after being indicted for his involvement in the BitConnect Ponzi scheme. Kumbhani was criminally charged last week for defrauding investors of more than $2 billion. A request for an extension of his trial until May 30 has been submitted. Glenn Arcaro, director and promoter for BitConnect, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and criminal forfeiture in September last year.

Russians Are Buying More Crypto as Sanctions Set In, Data Shows (4 minute read)

The Russian ruble fell to a record low on Monday, prompting Russian citizens to line up at ATMs to get their money out of banks. Data from exchanges show that many Russians are converting their rubles into USDT to protect the value of their savings. Trading volume for USDT on Monday was 519% above the average for the year. Tether, the company behind USDT, has a history of freezing assets at the behest of law enforcement. It will actively monitor its currency to identify attempts to evade sanctions.

'Absolutely Surreal': Inside a Fund Raising Millions in Crypto for Besieged Ukraine (6 minute read)

The Unchain fund is an organization that is raising money to buy food, clothing, medicine, evacuation, and repairs for Ukrainian civilians and everything but weapons for its army. The fund accepts donations through wallets on multiple blockchains. It has raised $1.8 million so far. The fund plans to launch a decentralized autonomous organization to decide how to spend the donations. More details about the organization, its work, and the situation in Ukraine are available in the article.
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