TLDR AI 2024-07-09

Meta’s multi-token prediction models 🌐, DeepMind’s AI rat brains 🧠, Autonomous AI Agents 🤖

Headlines & Launches

Meta drops AI bombshell: Multi-token prediction models now open for research (4 minute read)

Google DeepMind's AI Rat Brains Could Make Robots Scurry Like the Real Thing (5 minute read)

Research & Innovation

Autonomous AI Agents (18 minute read)

Control in Visual AI Generation (21 minute read)

An Opinionated List of Mechanistic Interpretability Papers (12 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

Minference (GitHub Repo)

SAE (GitHub Repo)

Micro Agent (GitHub Repo)


3D Pose Estimation from Videos (13 minute read)

Super-Resolution for Any Scale (GitHub Repo)

Researchers leverage shadows to model 3D scenes, including objects blocked from view (5 minute read)

Quick Links

SenseVoice (GitHub Repo)

Doti (Product Launch)

How Good Is ChatGPT at Coding, Really? (4 minute read)

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