TLDR AI 2024-07-08

OpenAI security breach πŸ€–, ElevenLabs celebrity readers ⭐, Google Smart Paste πŸ“š

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Headlines & Launches

A Hacker Stole OpenAI Secrets, Raising Fears That China Could, Too (8 minute read)

Figma pulls AI tool after criticism that it ripped off Apple's design (4 minute read)

AI resurrects deceased actors' voices to read audiobooks (3 minute read)

Research & Innovation

Optimizing Sub Billion Parameter Models (25 minute read)

Medical Imaging (16 minute read)

CapPa training report (17 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

SDXL trained from scratch with a full LLM embedder (Hugging Face Hub)

Point Cloud Completion (GitHub Repo)

Real-Time 3D Reconstruction for Surgery (14 minute read)


Fun audio generation and understanding (6 minute read)

Google Smart Paste (12 minute read)

Superintelligenceβ€”10 years later (10 minute read)

Quick Links

Apple M5 Chip's Dual-Use Design Will Power Future Macs and AI Servers (1 minute read)

Quality prompts (GitHub Repo)

Apple Intelligence and a better Siri may be coming to iPhones this spring (2 minute read)

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