TLDR AI 2024-07-05

Big Tech swallowing AI 💻, Andrej Karpathy’s LLM101n course 📚, Google’s Magic Insert 🖼️

Headlines & Launches

Intel shows off first fully integrated optical compute interconnect, designed to scale up AI workloads (4 minute read)

LLM101n: Let's build a Storyteller (2 minute read)

How Big Tech is swallowing the AI industry (3 minute read)

Research & Innovation

Enhanced Causality Understanding (16 minute read)

CTR Predictions with a New Tokenization (4 minute read)

Magic Insert (4 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

Camera Tracking with Multi-Session SLAM (14 minute read)

Making SAM More Practical with Post-Training Quantization (GitHub Repo)

OpenStreetView-5M: A Global Dataset for Localizing Images (GitHub Repo)


Contra Acemoglu on AI (6 minute read)

Boosting Smartphone Camera Clarity (GitHub Repo)

Speech Enhancement with SEMamba (8 minute read)

Quick Links

Florence 2 on WebGPU (GitHub Repo)

👩‍🍳 GenAI Cookbook by Astronomer (Sponsor)

Long Video Generation with New Diffusion Model (2 minute read)

OpenAI's ChatGPT Mac app was storing conversations in plain text (2 minute read)

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