TLDR AI 2024-06-06

Mistral fine-tuning API 💻, Cartwheel raises $5.6M 💰, Google optimizes shipping routes 🚢

Headlines & Launches

Mistral launches fine-tuning API (7 minute read)

Mistral has launched customization for its models via its platform and API.

Cartwheel raises $5.6m seed round for generative 3d animation tool (6 minute read)

Cartwheel, a motion synthesis start-up by our very own Andrew Carr, has raised a seed round led by Accel and KV. The company has built a text-to-animation tool and powerful integration into existing 3D workflows.

It's not just you: Google seemingly scaled back AI Overviews after its rocky launch (3 minute read)

Google has scaled back AI Overviews. The AI-generated answers are now appearing in around 11 percent of queries, down from around 27 percent when the feature was launched last month. The company is still in the process of refining the feature. AI Overviews are appearing most in health-focused searches, despite the company highlighting the tool's use for shopping, restaurant recommendations, and travel in its marketing.
Research & Innovation

Google optimizes shipping routes (24 minute read)

The operations research group at Google improved mathematical optimization for cargo shipping routes. They found a 13% reduction in fuel usage and costs.

LlamaCare for Medical Applications (9 minute read)

Researchers have introduced LlamaCare, a fine-tuned large language model (LLM) for medical knowledge, along with Extended Classification Integration (ECI) to address classification issues in LLMs.

DreamMat: High-Quality PBR Material Generation (8 minute read)

Dream Mat is a great way to improve texture generation for 3D objects. It uses a number of classical graphic techniques such as Albedo, Metallic, and Roughness to render an extremely compelling output given a 3D mesh.
Engineering & Resources

Efficient LLMs without Matrix Multiplication (GitHub Repo)

Researchers have found a way to eliminate matrix multiplication (MatMul) from large language models while maintaining strong performance, even at the billion-parameter scale.

Explainable Recommender Systems with LLMs (GitHub Repo)

XRec is a model-agnostic framework that leverages the language capabilities of large language models to enhance explainable recommender systems.

Neural Surface Reconstruction (GitHub Repo)

GenS is an end-to-end generalizable neural surface reconstruction model that excels in reconstructing surfaces from multi-view images without 3D supervision.

I'm Bearish OpenAI (9 minute read)

OpenAI's recent brain drain and focus on consumer products complicates its path to competing with big tech.

Stable Audio Open (Hugging Face Hub)

Stability AI has released the weights to Stable Audio which was trained to generate sound effects on permissively licensed audio samples.

The Future Of Foundation Models Is Closed-Source (10 minute read)

The future of AI foundation models will be closed-source due to the centralizing forces of data and compute, which favor economically viable and secure closed models over open-source alternatives.
Quick Links

Captions (Product)

Generate studio-grade videos — complete with custom lighting, varied camera angles, and different backgrounds — without the studio.

BrightEdge Releases Post Google I/O Data on The Impact of AI Overviews (3 minute read)

New findings from BrightEdge Generative Parser reveal the primary industries impacted by AI Overviews, what triggers results, and where Google automatically anticipates and answers search queries.

Video Generation with Efficient Compression (2 minute read)

CV-VAE is a video VAE compatible with existing image and video models that offers spatio-temporally compressed latent spaces, enabling efficient training of new video models using pre-trained ones.
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