TLDR AI 2024-05-31

Perplexity Pages 📖, Autodesk acquires Wonder Dynamics 🚀, Anthropic tool use bots 🤖

Your go-to electrolyte drink for cramps, headaches, and fatigue (Sponsor)

Headlines & Launches

Perplexity Pages (4 minute read)

Wonder Dynamics acquired by Autodesk (3 minute read)

Anthropic's AI Now Lets You Create Bots To Work For You (1 minute read)

Research & Innovation

Yuan 2.0-M32: Mixture of Experts with Attention Router (15 minute read)

Ultra-HD Image Deraining (14 minute read)

Scaling Laws and Compute-Optimal Training Beyond Fixed Training Durations (20 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

SDXL Scribble ControlNet (3 minute read)

Video Generation with Transformers (GitHub Repo)

Prolific gives AI researchers access to high-quality human data (Sponsor)

Boosting Language Models with Self-Exploring Optimization (GitHub Repo)


Text2Video Turbo (5 minute read)

AI won't eat your job, but it will eat your salary (10 minute read)

Quick Links

Neuralink rival sets brain-chip record with 4,096 electrodes on human brain (2 minute read)

Google Adds AI-Powered Features To Chromebook (2 minute read)

Patronus AI raises $17m series A (5 minute read)

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