TLDR AI 2024-05-20

Unitree's humanoid robot 🦾 LoRA forgets less πŸ’­ Model explorer πŸ”Ž

AI is already solving real cybersecurity problems (Sponsor)

Headlines & Launches

What Happened To OpenAI's Long-Term AI Risk Team? (4 minute read)

$16k G1 humanoid rises up to smash nuts, twist, and twirl (4 minute read)

Open Release of Grok-1 (1 minute read)

Research & Innovation

LoRA Learns Less and Forgets Less (25 minute read)

Chameleon Early Fusion Multi-Modal (16 minute read)

Gemini 1.5 Technical Report (153 page PDF)

Engineering & Resources

Run PaliGemma in Real Time (GitHub Repo)

Experts (GitHub Repo)

Model Explorer (GitHub Repo)


AI agent builds (3 minute read)

Gamma raises $12M Series A (5 minute read)

Google I/O 2024: Everything you need to know (14 minute read)

Quick Links

Touch AI (Product)

First-ever AI Code Interpreter for R (3 minute read)

Learn to build no-code AI applications to increase productivity (Sponsor)

MoonDream on WebGPU (Hugging Face Space)

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