TLDR AI 2024-05-15

Anthropic in Europe 🤖, Mamba and vision tasks 🐍, Image Deraining 🌦️

Hire your AI dream team — with experts from Harvard, Stanford and MIT (Sponsor)

Headlines & Launches

Google I/O (9 minute read)

Anthropic Is Expanding To Europe And Raising More Money (2 minute read)

Research & Innovation

Mamba's Suitability for Vision Tasks (20 minute read)

A New State-Free Sequence Parallel Inference (16 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

Image Deraining (GitHub Repo)

Ollama on Google Firebase (6 minute read)

Need fresh web data for LLM and RAG apps? Try the Brave Search API - free for up to 2000 queries/mo (Sponsor)


Fine-Tune PaliGemma (Colab Notebook)

What OpenAI Did (6 minute read)

Quick Links

Gemini Flash (Website)

Veo (Website)

xAI Nears $10B Deal To Rent Oracle's Servers (1 minute read)

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