TLDR AI 2024-05-13

OpenAI May 13 event πŸ“…, Altera raises $9M seed πŸ’°, Salesforce BLIP 3 3️⃣

Headlines & Launches

OpenAI Confirms May 13 Event For β€˜Some ChatGPT And GPT-4 Updates' (1 minute read)

OpenAI has announced a live stream event scheduled for May 13 to present updates related to ChatGPT and GPT-4, possibly including the launch of an AI-powered search engine.

Altera raises $9M to develop AI for digital humans (4 minute read)

Altera is building digital human beings, starting with agents who can play any game with you, just like a friend. The company raised $9 million in an oversubscribed seed round, co-led by First Spark Ventures (Eric Schmidt's deep-tech fund) and Patron (the seed-stage fund co-founded by Riot Games alums).

Cohere launches Command R Fine-Tuning (4 minute read)

Command R fine-tuning offers industry-leading performance at a fraction of the cost. Command R with fine-tuning consistently outperforms larger models across key performance metrics that matter most for businesses. Command R fine-tuning is immediately available for businesses and developers on Cohere's platform and Amazon Sagemaker.
Research & Innovation

Fishing for Magikarp: Automatically Detecting Under-trained Tokens in Large Language Models (30 minute read)

Language models rely on separately trained tokenizers. These may produce tokens that are never seen during language model training. There are many in even the most powerful modern language models. This paper explores this phenomenon and presents their findings for identifying and dealing with these tokens.

ThunderKittens CUDA DSL (7 minute read)

Hazy research has introduced a new DSL for writing CUDA kernels. It has written flash attention, which is 30% faster and fits in only 100 lines of code.

BLIP 3 (7 minute read)

Salesforce has trained and released the 3rd non-commercial version of the popular BLIP models, vision and language models mainly used for image understanding and captioning.
Engineering & Resources

Mirage Tensor Optimizer (GitHub Repo)

The Mirage project is a multilevel tensor optimization engine that can produce extremely high performance kernels for linear algebra modules.

AnythingLLM (GitHub Repo)

All in one LLM and RAG serving framework.

Unlearning in Recommender Systems (GitHub Repo)

E2URec is a new approach that enables large language model-based recommendation systems to forget user data efficiently and effectively, ensuring privacy without sacrificing performance.

Asterisk/Zvi On California's AI Bill (9 minute read)

California's SB1047 bill proposes regulations for AI models with computational capacities over 10^26 FLOPs. It focuses on ensuring these models are used safely by requiring secure environments, quick deactivation capabilities, and rigorous misuse potential testing. The bill targets only high-risk scenarios, aiming to balance innovation with safeguards against misuse in response to concerns about AI's potential impact on society.

Unified text to anything model (12 minute read)

Lumina is a project that aims to be a unified text-to-X generation model. It's trained on images, video, audio, and text interleaved, which improves downstream performance.

Superhuman? (8 minute read)

The quest for AGI is a focal point for top AI labs, with predictions for its achievement ranging from 2027 to 2047. Despite AI not yet reaching AGI, certain systems demonstrate superhuman skills in specific tasks, suggesting that AI's current best use is as a co-intelligence, augmenting human efforts rather than replacing them.
Quick Links

Cleanlab TLM Playground (Website)

Cleanlab created a playground for its Trustworthy Language Model.

Audio-diffusion PyTorch (GitHub Repo)

This repository is from one of ElevenLabs' research scientists and contains a potential starting point to replicate the amazing results.

Amazon Launches Bedrock Studio (1 minute read)

Amazon's Bedrock Studio is a web-based platform within Amazon's Bedrock generative AI environment designed to help developers experiment with, fine-tune, and deploy AI models.
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