TLDR AI 2024-02-08

Microsoft Copilot new features 🧑‍✈️, Smaug-72B 🌐, Google MusicRL 🎵

Headlines & Launches

Meet Smaug-72B: The New King Of Open-Source AI (4-minute read)

Microsoft Brings New AI Image Functionality To Copilot (5 minute read)

EU’s AI Act Passes Last Big Hurdle On The Way To Adoption (2 minute read)

Research & Innovation

High-fidelity text-to-speech models with synthetic annotations (18 minute read)

Enhancing CLIP for Efficient Image Classification (18 minute read)

MusicRL (24 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

Yolo-World: Realtime open vocabulary object detection (GitHub Repo)

MobileVLM V2 is Out! (14 minute read)

Self Discover Implementation (GitHub Repo)

🤯 Get 80% automated test coverage in under 4 months (Sponsor)


The Path to Profitability for AI (12 minute read)

Challenging Multi-Modal Language Models with a New Benchmark (16 minute read)

How design drove $10M in preorders for Rabbit R1 AI hardware (11-minute read)

Quick Links

OpenAI Forms A New Team To Study Child Safety (2 minute read)

OpenWidget Chat Interface (Product)

Local AI filtered social media (GitHub Repo)

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