TLDR AI 2023-09-28

Meta’s AI chatbots 🤖, Mistral’s first model 1️⃣, rank results with language models 📚

Tech Talk: Understand the Semantic Lakehouse w/ Bill Inmon, Databricks, & AtScale (Sponsor)

The semantic layer is key to delivering the ‘last mile’ of analytics — making data available in tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Excel. But implementing it in the data-intensive insurance industry can get tricky.

Watch this tech talk to see how a lakehouse architecture coupled with a modern semantic layer platform democratizes access to large-scale data. You’ll also learn how companies use Databricks + AtScale to deliver a “semantic lakehouse” for an IOT use case.

Speakers: Marcela Granados, Global Insurance Leader at Databricks | Anindita Mahapatra, Solutions Architect at Databricks | Bill Inmon, “Father of the Data Warehouse” | Dave Mariani, CTO and Founder, AtScale

Now available on-demand! Watch for free here.

Headlines & Launches

Mistral releases first model (4 minute read)

After a huge seed round and building a team, ML stack, and data pipeline, the Mistral team has released an extremely performant 7B model. It was initially released via a magnet link (torrent) along with a minimal GitHub Repo and permissive license.

ChatGPT Can Now Search The Web In Real Time (1 minute read)

OpenAI has reintroduced a feature in ChatGPT that enables it to access current web information using the "Browse with Bing" functionality. It is initially available for Plus and Enterprise subscribers.

Meta Is Putting AI Chatbots Everywhere (2 minute read)

Meta is launching its own AI chatbot assistant along with various AI characters across its platforms. The chatbot is designed as a general-purpose assistant, uses Microsoft's Bing for real-time web results, and can generate images similar to OpenAI's DALL-E.
Research & Innovation

RankVicuna: Rank Results with Language Models (16 minute read)

Large models like ChatGPT have been used to improve search results, but many of these tests are hard to repeat because they're hidden or secret. Researchers have introduced RankVicuna, an open-source tool that can reorder search results using language models.

Making LLMs Faster and Smaller with QA-LoRA (18 minute read)

Large language models are powerful, but often too big for some devices due to their computational demands. This new method, QA-LoRA, makes models more efficient by cleverly changing how they're built and fine-tuned.

Llava-RLHF for visually aligned models (8 minute read)

Llava is a method that inserts vision capabilities into language models. It has now been instruction-tuned and run through an RLHF process. Llava improves instruction following and reasoning abilities.
Engineering & Resources

A Better Image Enhancement (GitHub Repo)

This project made a new tool that helps improve the quality of pictures in a way that's easier to understand than other methods out there. The tool, called HMTF-Net, looks at different parts of a photo and figures out the best way to enhance each part.

A New Way to Create High-Quality Human Images (6 minute read)

This project introduces a new tool, UnitedHuman, that uses images from many different sources and combines them, even if they're in different sizes or focused on different parts.

Library for RL on diffusion models (7 minute read)

Tuning language models with RL is becoming a standard step in the model deployment pipeline. This will now be easier with diffusion models and also with the release of DRLX, which allows users to specify a reward model or use a predefined one.

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Mistral Instruct (HuggingFace Hub)

"No tricks, No proprietary data" - but Mistral still outperforms many of the best instruction models, even the GPT-4 distilled ones.

Unraveling The AI-Generated Spiral Art Phenomenon (5 minute read)

A Reddit user's AI-generated spiral art using Stable Diffusion and ControlNet AI tech went viral, signaling changing perceptions of AI-generated art.

Is Generative AI an Enterprise Thing? (2 minute read)

The dust is settling around the excitement around generative AI, which means people are settling in to figure out how it can be useful in the enterprise. Short story: it’s hugely beneficial. Long story: it’s going to take time.
Quick Links

Jony Ive Is Reportedly Creating An AI Gadget With Sam Altman (1 minute read)

Apple’s former chief design officer Jony Ive and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are allegedly exploring opportunities to collaborate on building an unspecified artificial intelligence hardware device.

Shortwave (Product)

The AI executive assistant you’ve been looking for.

Wrangle (Product)

Wrangle is a free AI-powered job platform that allows you to apply to jobs with 1 click, complete with cover letters and a resume builder. The platform leverages your resume to generate professional and personalized applications for each job.

Luda on X: AI agents that are nothing like the agents you’ve seen so far (Sponsor)

Luda's AI Agents are interactive, 3d-rendered, and simulated with real-world physics. They're fast to train, cheap to run, and accessible from any browser. Watch an AI agent in training.
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