TLDR AI 2023-09-22

Microsoft Copilot πŸ€–, ML engineering guide πŸ“š, making mini models using knowledge distillation 🌐

Headlines & Launches

Announcing Microsoft Copilot, your everyday AI companion (15 minute read)

Microsoft has unveiled "Microsoft Copilot", an AI companion integrated across Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing designed to provide contextual assistance based on web context, user data, and current activities while prioritizing privacy. The feature will begin rolling out in Windows 11 on Sept. 26. The Windows 11 update will also offer 150+ new AI features in apps like Paint and Photos.

Musk, Gates, and Zuckerberg walk into an AI meeting (1 minute read)

Sounds like the start of a bad joke. Tech titans Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg met in Washington on Wednesday to talk about AI regulation. They were joined by founders from leading AI companies like Anthropic and OpenAI.

Artifact co-founder Kevin Systrom doesn’t believe in AI doomerism (6 minute read)

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, now with startup Artifact, believes AI technologies will make people "super-powered" rather than causing harm. Contrasting views of AI's existential risks exist within the tech community. Artifact uses AI to improve news consumption by summarizing articles, countering clickbait, and personalizing feeds, with aims to surface quality content over mere popularity.
Research & Innovation

Make stable diffusion better by scaling the UNet (8 minute read)

You can substantially improve generation quality in Stable Diffusion without any additional training by cleverly shifting around weights and scaling residuals in the UNet. Code coming soon.

How Well Models Understand Sound and Vision Together? (7 minute read)

This study introduces AV-SUPERB, a new benchmark that tests how well a trained model understands both sound and visual data across a variety of tasks.

Making Smarter 'Mini' Models Using Knowledge Distillation (8 minute read)

This study explores how to make 'student' networks (smaller models) learn better from 'teacher' networks (bigger models) in situations they've never seen before. It introduces a new method called Weight-Averaged Knowledge Distillation (WAKD) that does just as well as current techniques but is simpler to use.
Engineering & Resources

ML engineering guide (GitHub Repo)

A thorough resource for improving ML engineering skills.

DreamLLM: Create Both Text and Images Together (3 minute read)

This report introduces DreamLLM, a groundbreaking tool that is good at understanding and making content that combines both words and pictures.

A Faster Way to Analyze 3D Facial Photos (GitHub Repo)

Researchers trained a model that identifies important points on 3D pictures of faces, a process usually done by hand. Their method was almost as accurate as human experts, but much faster.

In conversation with Sam Altman (24 minute video)

An interview with Sam Altman during his latest world tour on AI, regulation, and his thoughts on the future of OpenAI.

The Ad Industry Bailed on News. Can An AI Solution Offer A Way Back? (3 minute read)

AI is looking to take on several dying markets and news is just another avenue. This article looks at how AI might be a path forward for news if generated/managed with AI. We’re already seeing this happen with smaller local TV affiliates with some success.

Three in four Americans believe AI will reduce jobs (3 minute read)

Most Americans think artificial intelligence will negatively affect the U.S. job market, with 75% saying it will decrease the total number of jobs over the next 10 years.
Quick Links

DialMe (Product)

A voice-enabled AI interviewer built to get users talking and you learning.

CX Assist (Product)

Personalized,AI-powered email responses to boost efficiency, nurture clients, transform your sales, and support customer experience.

Peer2Peer: Get and give warm intros to job opportunities (Sponsor)

The best opportunities don’t come from LinkedIn. Peer2Peer lets you leverage your network by taking part in a referral community. Read how Bowei, an ML engineer, used Peer2Peer to advance his career

Automatic knowledge graph creation (3 minute read)

Generating knowledge graphs from unstructured text was a holy grail of natural language understanding - now you can do it with 50 lines of code and an LLM.
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