TLDR AI 2023-09-18

Adobe’s Firefly generally available 👋, survey on AI copyright issues 📃, AI security 🔐

Headlines & Launches

IBM throws hat in language model arena with open source MoE models (3 minute read)

Mixture-of-Experts models are sparse models, which means they save on computation while not sacrificing accuracy. They're tricky to train. IBM has released several along with their architecture and some code.

Musk Warns Senators About AI Threat, While Gates Says the Technology Could Target World Hunger (7 minute read)

Industry heavyweights like Musk, Gates, and Zuckerberg debated AI regulation in a private session, discussing concerns about open-source misuse and job threats. A consensus emerged on the need for government oversight.

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI models are now generally available, get pricing plans (4 minute read)

Adobe's Firefly generative AI models, previously in beta, are now available in Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud. Users will be charged via "generative credits" based on model interaction. Paid Adobe plans come with various credit amounts. Firefly will still work (but run slower) once credits run out.
Research & Innovation

Comprehensive survey on AI copyright issues (90 minute read)

This recently updated work dives into the many angles of AI copyright. AI copyright can broadly be classified into Input and Output legal challenges. The paper doesn’t present any opinions - it is merely a summary of many of the common issues.

Making One Audio Model Work for Speech, Music, and Sounds (4 minute read)

Researchers have developed a method called EncodecMAE that borrows ideas from text-based models to make a universal audio model. This new approach works well for different kinds of audio tasks like understanding speech, identifying music, or recognizing sounds in the environment.

A Game-Changer in Remote Sensing Research with Synthetic Data (16 minute read)

SyntheWorld is a groundbreaking collection of fake but super-detailed images that help researchers study the Earth from above without the usual big costs and headaches. With 40,000 images, it's perfect for learning how land changes over time.
Engineering & Resources

Making AI 'Copilots' Even Better at Fixing Code (GitHub Repo)

Researchers have created Repilot, a system that makes AI copilots better at helping programmers fix bugs in their code.

Multiview synthetic gets a boost (GitHub Repo)

Recent improvements in the field of 3D generation have been blistering. This work is the most stable and general. You can input an image and the model will synthesize many views and a resulting 3D model.

Using Transformers for Better Sleep Analysis (GitHub Repo)

Transformers are smart algorithms usually used for text or images. This project tweaked them to work with EEG data to better understand sleep stages.

Centaurs And Cyborgs On The Jagged Frontier (7 minute read)

Consultants who use GPT-4 vastly outperform consultants who don’t. A recent study provided further evidence that knowledge workers who utilize AI will be the winners in the future.

Illusion diffusion (Hugging Face Space)

A set of spiral-based control net images recently went semi-viral. This space was made shortly thereafter to reproduce that style.

Securing AI is the Next Big Platform Opportunity (4 minute read)

This article breaks down the risks and challenges surrounding AI security and looks at the opportunities for companies in this new world order.
Quick Links

Click and watch your image move (4 minute read)

Generative dynamics uses both modern and classic AI to synthesize motion in a still image. It is completely interactive as well.

GPT-4 Is Not Getting Worse (8 minute read)

Contrary to popular opinion, GPT-4’s performance is not systematically declining.

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