TLDR AI 2023-09-08

Adept releases open source LLM 🌐, AI Grant Batch 2 🤖, LLMs to predict stock trends 💹

New GigaOm Report Looks at the State of Semantic Layers and Metrics Stores in 2023 (Sponsor)

With the AI gold rush in full swing, companies are rushing to modernize their data infrastructure. Many data leaders have turned their attention to the semantic layer as a means to put AI-ready data directly into the hands of decision-makers.

In this fresh-off-the-press report, the analysts at GigaOm identify the key trends and leading players. Download the report from AtScale to learn:

  • How a semantic layer can create a single view of business metrics (e.g. revenue, COGs, headcount) and a common analytics vocabulary
  • Who are the innovators and fast movers in semantic layers and metric stores
  • Why AtScale was positioned as a leader

Get the full report right here, free 📔

Headlines & Launches

Adept AI releases an open source LLM (7 minute read)

Persimmon, originally Adept, has released Persimmon-8B, an extremely performant 8b parameter model. It has also released inference code. There are a number of niceties - one particularly interesting tidbit is 70k unused embeddings, which allows for multimodal extensions.

Claude Gets A Paid Plan (1 minute read)

Anthropic has launched a paid version of its Claude chatbot priced at $20 per month.

AI Grant second batch announced (2 minute read)

The increasingly popular and successful AI grant has announced its second cohort of start-ups. There are many notable groups included, such as GGML.
Research & Innovation

HyperDiffusion: Generating Implicit Neural Fields with Weight-Space Diffusion (28 minute read)

Neural fields use a multilayer perceptron (MLP) to represent a 3D scene. It turns out you can apply diffusion directly to the weights of the MLP and generate a novel 3D scene.

Using LLMs to Predict Stock Trends (26 minute read)

This paper introduces a way to use large language models to quickly analyze long Annual Reports from companies, making it easier to understand their financial health and even predict stock prices.

One Wide Feedforward is All You Need (18 minute read)

The feedforward layers of the transformer make up a significant portion of the total weights in the network. However, if you use a single large feedforward layer shared between the encoder and decoder, you can dramatically improve inference time with minimal drops in performance.
Engineering & Resources

OnPrem.LLM (GitHub Repo)

OnPrem.LLM is a simple Python package that makes it easier to run large language models on non-public or sensitive data and on machines with no internet connectivity.

A Better Understanding of 3D Scenes Over Time (4 minute read)

ResFields is a new kind of neural network that's really good at understanding complex 3D scenes as they change over time. By adding something called 'temporal residual layers,' it can deal with a lot more information and still stay accurate.

Generative image restoration (GitHub Repo)

Powerful upscaling and restoration models that use diffusion to reduce blur and sharpen image details. Model checkpoints included.

Inside Elon’s Struggles For The Future Of AI (10 minute read)

A look back at Elon Musk’s efforts in the AI space in the early 2010s.

IBM Rolls Out New Generative AI Features And Models (3 minute read)

IBM this week introduced new generative AI models and capabilities across its recently launched Watsonx data science platform.

Using AI to create breast cancer treatments (4 minute read)

ProteinQure revolutionizes chemotherapy using advanced ML and molecular simulations on supercomputers. Using their platform - ProteinStudio - they designed PQ-001, a precision drug targeting breast cancer. This drug, akin to a guided missile, zeroes in on cancer cells, sparing the healthy ones and avoiding common chemo side effects. Following successful animal trials, they're now developing this drug further towards the first dose in humans.
Quick Links

Snipo (Product)

A side-by-side AI notetaker for your videos.

The AI Drake “Ghostwriter” Is Back With A New Song (2 minute read)

Ghostwriter, the anonymous creator behind the viral AI Drake song, has released another track. This time, it features the AI-generated voices of Travis Scott and 21 Savage.

Microsoft Says It Will Take The Heat If Copilot Users Get Sued (2 minute read)

Microsoft is telling customers it will assume legal responsibility if they get sued for copyright infringement while using the company’s AI Copilot services.
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