TLDR AI 2023-08-14

Andrew Ng on LLM world models 🌎, robotics startup Serve to go public πŸ””, MosaicML secure code evaluation πŸ”

Headlines & Launches

Supabase Studio 3.0 (8 minute read)

Andrew Ng on LLM world models (3 minute read)

Uber, Nvidia-backed delivery robot startup Serve Robotics to go public (3 minute read)

Research & Innovation

SDXL ControlNet (7 minute read)

Secure system for evaluating code models (12 minute read)

Follow Anything: A Robot That Can Track and Follow Anything (12 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

ChainML Releases Council (GitHub Repo)

World class text-to-3D now open sourced (GitHub Repo)

Open Source fork of HF text-generation-interface (GitHub Repo)


Wizard Math (6 minute read)

Do Machine Learning Models Memorize Or Generalize? (17 minute read)

Zooming in on images before classifying (8 minute read)

Quick Links

Recast (Product)

Orca and Platypus LLM combined (4 minute read)

Nvidia language, vision assistant (3 minute read)

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