TLDR Web Dev 2024-07-09

Reverse engineering Ticketmaster 🎟️, be persistent 💪, Prompt API explained  🤖

Is integration maintenance taking over your life? (Sponsor)

Articles & Tutorials

How fast is JavaScript at simulating 20,000,000 particles? (35 minute read)

Reverse Engineering TicketMaster's Rotating Barcodes (15 minute read)

Explainer for the Prompt API (14 minute read)

Opinions & Advice

The Right Kind of Stubborn (10 minute read)

Python has too many package managers (14 minute read)

Maybe You're Not Sick of Programming (1 minute read)

Launches & Tools

SQL Studio (GitHub Repo)

Seamlessly Scale GenAI Applications with Vultr Cloud GPU, Powered by NVIDIA (Sponsor)

Onlook (GitHub Repo)

Incidental (GitHub Repo)


Entering text in the terminal is complicated (10 minute read)

An origin trial for a new HTML `permission` element (13 minute read)

What's the quickest you've seen a co-employee get fired? (Reddit Thread)

Quick Links

What are the most common lies told by web developers? (Reddit Thread)

How to fix slow loading apps (8 minute read)

Swift (Website)

Reproducing some D3 Charts with Swift Charts (GitHub Repo)

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