TLDR Web Dev 2024-07-05

The origins of .DS_Store πŸ“‚, just ship it πŸš€, should you learn C πŸ€”

Articles & Tutorials

Why VSCode built its own bundler (6 minute read)

Container Queries with Graceful Fallbacks for Modern Layouts (15 minute read)

Enhancing The New York Times Web Performance with React 18 (11 minute read)

Opinions & Advice

The saddest β€œJust Ship It” story ever (4 minute read)

Should you learn C to "learn how the computer works"? (7 minute read)

Insights from over 10,000 comments on "Ask HN: Who Is Hiring" using GPT-4o & LangChain (7 minute read)

Launches & Tools

Boring UI (Website)

LetsForm (GitHub Repo)

Browspilot (Website)


Dovetail: 15 ideas you can borrow from their journey building the $1B insights hub (30 minute read)

AI's 600B Question (4 minute read)

On the origins of DS_store (2 minute read)

Quick Links

This feature of GitHub is an operational security risk (1 minute read)

Beating NumPy's matrix multiplication in 150 lines of C code (28 minute read)

There is always something: Fighting distractions as a software developer (6 minute read)

Jeffrey Snover and the Making of PowerShell (49 minute podcast)

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