TLDR Daily Update 2022-10-20

Starlink Aviation ✈️, Microsoft's mobile game store 📱, leaving the cloud 👨‍💻

How Notion, Lemonade, and BambooHR simplified their security and compliance (Sponsor)

Dreading audits, risk management, and taking endless screenshots? For thousands of companies that use Drata, it’s much easier to achieve continuous SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS compliance and many more.

“Our team spent between 500-600 hours preparing for an SOC 2 audit. That’s a lot of time taken away from delivering product. I expect Drata will reduce this by 60-80%. It’s liberating.” - Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade

Drata is security and compliance on autopilot: Automated evidence collection and 24/7 monitoring. 75+ built-in integrations. Complete risk management solution (no spreadsheets required). Custom frameworks to tailor Drata to your business needs.

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Big Tech & Startups

Microsoft is building an Xbox mobile gaming store to take on Apple and Google (6 minute read)

Microsoft is building an Xbox mobile store that will offer games for mobile devices. The company's $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard earlier this year was aimed at helping Microsoft build out its mobile gaming presence. Microsoft hopes to bring customers to its new platform through Activision Blizzard's well-known titles. Apple's policies block third-party app stores on iOS.

SpaceX’s satellite internet service is coming to planes with Starlink Aviation (2 minute read)

Starlink is officially launching Starlink Aviation next year. The service will offer internet speeds of up to 350Mbps, with latency as low as 20ms, to planes equipped with its Aero Terminal. Actual speeds will be affected by the number of passengers using the service on each flight. Starlink Aviation will have global coverage and provide service at every stage of a flight.
Science & Futuristic Technology

AI is changing scientists’ understanding of language learning (4 minute read)

Many language scientists believe that language learners need to learn grammar to generate proper sentences, but AI is proving that it is possible to output meaningful text after being exposed to vast amounts of language input without the help of grammar. While sometimes their choice of words is strange, the overwhelming majority of AI language outputs are grammatically correct. It is possible that linguistic experience is more important than grammar for becoming a competent language user.

Next pandemic may come from melting glaciers, new data shows (3 minute read)

New data suggests that the next pandemic may come from matter in melting ice. Unknown viruses have been discovered within glacier ice. Rising global temperatures could release viruses and bacteria trapped in glaciers and permafrost. Altered environments could bring new hosts into contact with ancient diseases.
Programming, Design & Data Science

WebC (GitHub Repo)

WebC is a tool for creating single file HTML components that don't require any special element conventions. It features a framework-independent standalone HTML serializer for generating markup for Web Components, compilation tools to aggregate component-level assets, a built-in CSS prefixer, and more. WebC supports streaming, shadow DOMs, and async.

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages (8 minute read)

This article discusses error messages and how to with write better messages. Writing better error messages can significantly improve the user experience. Bad error messages often have an inappropriate tone, too much technical jargon, pass the blame, or are too generic. Good error messages say what happened and why, provide reassurance, are empathetic, and help users fix the problem.

Why we're leaving the cloud (4 minute read)

Renting computers is mostly a bad deal for medium-sized companies with stable growth. The cloud excels when applications are simple and have low traffic or when loads are irregular. Using the cloud at other times results in higher operating costs without much benefit. Up until very recently, everyone ran their own servers, and it can still be the right decision for many companies to continue doing so.

Need to write a serverless backend app in NodeJS? Try Lolo Code’s free tier (Sponsor)

There’s a new, better, and cloud-agnostic way to do serverless. Lolo Code lets you build event-driven NodeJS backend applications that are easily maintainable — and everything runs through a visual cloud IDE. No servers to provision or manage! Try Lolo Code’s free tier and check out community tutorials.

iPhone 14 Plus production halted as Apple reassess customer demand, iPhone 15 Plus still planned (2 minute read)

Apple has halted production of the iPhone 14 Plus while it reevaluates demand for the product. Device sales are possibly being affected by larger economic forces and the phone's tough price point. The iPhone 14 Plus has a larger screen than the iPhone 14, but the more expensive Pro models feature advanced camera systems and a redesigned sensor layout. Apple still plans to release an iPhone 15 Plus variant next fall.

Ask HN: Why don't I see gold at the end of the remote working rainbow? (Hacker News Thread)

Not all workers enjoy remote work. There are a lot of benefits to working in the office. Moving to remote work could mean that companies no longer employ locally and start looking for cheaper employees elsewhere. This Hacker News thread discusses the pros and cons of working remotely. Working remotely allows employees to work how they want and the environment is usually much better than what companies provide at the office.

Byte sized news for busy techies

Byte sized news for busy techies

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Quick Links

USB-C can hit 120Gbps with newly published USB4 Version 2.0 spec (3 minute read)

The new spec allows USB Type-C signal interfaces to be configured asymmetrically to deliver up to 120Gbps in one direction while retaining 40Gbps in the other direction.

Replit Mobile App (4 minute read)

The Replit mobile app allows developers to code anything, anywhere.

DacheQL (GitHub Repo)

DacheQL is a lightweight GraphQL caching tool.

Ask HN: Has anyone managed to find enjoyment in their work after burnout? This Hacker News thread discusses burnout and ways to recover from it. )

This Hacker News thread discusses burnout and ways to recover from it.

Reflect is a note-taking app that gives your brain superpowers (Sponsor)

Use Reflect to keep track of your meetings, journaling, and research. We're gobsmackingly gorgeous, self-organizing, and secure with end-to-end encryption.

I went all in on eSIM and I have regrets (4 minute read)

The eSIM makes things simple if you're moving your SIM from an iPhone to another iPhone, but things get more complicated when moving to Android.

Byte sized news for busy techies

Byte sized news for busy techies

TLDR is a daily newsletter with links and TLDRs of the most interesting stories in tech 📱, science 🚀, and coding 💻!

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