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Google-backed lockscreen ads πŸ“±, things every dev should know πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’», DeepMind's Democratic AI πŸ€–

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Big Tech & Startups

TikTok shopping plans for US abandoned after disastrous UK experiment (3 minute read)

TikTok has canceled its plans to bring TikTok shopping to the US after a failed UK launch. The launch was hit with internal problems and the feature struggled to gain traction with consumers. TikTok Shop's lead executive was replaced after saying that he didn't believe in maternity leave. Staff complained about a toxic workplace with demanding expectations. Many TikTok Shop streams achieved poor sales despite subsidies and cash incentives.

Google-backed Glance to launch in US within two months (2 minute read)

Glance is planning to launch its lock screen platform in the US within two months. It is currently engaging with wireless carriers for partnerships. Glance's platform serves media content, news, and games on Android lock screens. It is installed on about 400 million smartphones in Asian markets. Glance is building a premium offering for the US. It plans to expand globally in the coming years.
Science & Futuristic Technology

LHCb discovers three new exotic particles (3 minute read)

The international LHCb collaboration has observed three new particles: a pentaquark, a doubly electrically charged tetraquark, and a neutral tetraquark. It was the first time a pair of tetraquarks has been observed. The discoveries will help theorists develop a unified model of exotic hadrons and better understand conventional hadrons.

The world's first operational 'sand battery' can store energy for months (3 minute read)

Polar Night Energy has set up the world's first commercial-scale sand battery in a town in western Finland. Sand batteries are towers of sand that store and discharge heat energy. Sand is a relatively inexpensive alternative to other battery materials and it can store heat for months. Polar Night Energy's battery currently powers the central heating system for the town.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Did you know JavaScript is the most popular programming language, with nearly 16.5M developers using it globally? (Sponsor)

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Preline UI (Website)

Preline UI is a set of pre-built UI components based on Tailwind CSS. It features more than 250 component examples, JavaScript plugins, and dark mode. The components include navigation bars, forms, overlays, and tables.

Radix (Website)

Radix Primitives is a UI component library for building accessible design systems and web apps. The components are accessible, unstyled, customizable, and uncontrolled by default. Each primitive can be installed individually.

bun (GitHub Repo)

bun is an all-in-one tool for JavaScript development.

Every Programmer Should Know (GitHub Repo)

A collection of things every software developer should know.

New energy-dense lithium-sulfur battery works at extreme temperatures (3 minute read)

A new type of lithium battery can operate in freezing cold and scorching hot temperatures while storing double the energy of current batteries.

Today’s Robotic Surgery Turns Surgical Trainees Into Spectators (10 minute read)

Surgeons are reluctant to give trainees control during robotic surgeries because the procedure would take longer and it increases risk to the patient.

Notch will sell you insurance in case your Instagram gets hacked (4 minute read)

Notch is selling Instagram account insurance starting at $8 a month. The company will pay a calculated amount to its customers for every day that they are locked out of their accounts after a hack. It will use a number of metrics to craft its policies. Notch will only cover hacks, and customers must have multi-factor authentication turned on. The insurance will not cover bans or suspensions.

Human-centred mechanism design with Democratic AI (4 minute read)

Deep reinforcement learning can be used to find economic policies that people will vote for.

Tesla Is No Longer the World's Biggest Electric Vehicle Producer (2 minute read)

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD is now the biggest producer of electric vehicles in the world. BYD is also the world's second-biggest producer of EV batteries. The Shenzhen-based company sold 641,000 vehicles during the first six months of 2022. Tesla was impacted by lockdowns in China that prevented production. BYD's factories are mostly located in regions that have not been affected by extended lockdowns.

A New Species of Absolutely Enormous Waterlily Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight (2 minute read)

The new species of giant waterlily was initially mistaken for another known species.

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