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Google Watch leaks ⌚, Netflix account sharing fees 📺, mininova explosions ⭐

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Big Tech & Startups

Google Pixel Watch leak shows off round, all-glass design (3 minute read)

An official render of Google's Pixel Watch has leaked. Google tried to launch a Pixel Watch in 2016, but the design did not match the Pixel brand so they were released under LG branding. The hardware details are still unknown, but the chip that Google chooses to use for the device will be major news as there has been a lack of capable smartwatch chips. More details about the watch could be released at Google I/O on May 11.

Netflix to charge global members sharing their accounts an additional fee, following tests (3 minute read)

Netflix is expanding its test to charge members for sharing accounts with people outside their household to include global markets. The company will iterate on the feature over the next year to create a balance for customers. Subscribers can now add sub-accounts to their service, each with its own profile and login details. Sub-accounts will retain their recommendations, history, and watch list if they choose to move to their own accounts. Netflix will use IP address and other device information to identify household members.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Which Computational Universe Do We Live In? (6 minute read)

There are five possible computational worlds that we could be living in. Each world has different implications for whether secure cryptography truly exists. A truly secure encryption method requires a computational problem that is hard enough to create a provably insurmountable barrier for adversaries. Scientists recently discovered a new problem that could help determine which world we are living in. A description of each world and its implications for cryptography is available.

‘Micronova’ explosions spotted on distant zombie stars (5 minute read)

Scientists have discovered a new type of star explosion called a micronova. Micronovas only occur on white dwarfs around their magnetic poles. Novas occur when a white dwarf sucks up hydrogen from a nearby star, covering itself with a layer of gas that eventually ignites. Micronovas occur when a smaller amount of gas concentrated around a white dwarf's poles ignites, creating a smaller scale explosion that lasts only for about 10 hours. The discovery is still new, so the exact mechanisms of the phenomenon are still unknown.
Programming, Design & Data Science

AI-powered test automation for modern software teams (Sponsor)

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Memray (GitHub Repo)

Memray is a memory profiler for Python. It can help developers discover the cause of high memory usage, find memory leaks, and find hotspots in code that cause a lot of allocations. Memray can be used both as a command-line tool or as a library.

How Netflix Content Engineering makes a federated graph searchable (9 minute read)

The Studio Search platform was developed by Netflix to take a portion of a federated graph and make it searchable. This article describes how it was made. It covers why and how it was developed, how it was scaled and deployed, and the challenges that are still being solved.

Architects Propose Lighter-Than-Air Buildings That Hover Over City Streets (2 minute read)

The Oversky project envisions floating buildings that can help fight climate change. The buildings would be made using rigid frames of carbon fiber. Oversky plans to use helium to lift the buildings into the sky. The structures would radiate heat back into the atmosphere and cool the space below them. A rendering of what one of these buildings would look like is available in the article.

Samsung's Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a delight (1 minute read)

Samsung is releasing a Pokémon Edition of its Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable smartphone on April 25. The phone will come with a number of Pokémon-themed accessories, ringtones, themes, and wallpapers. There is currently a Pokémon Bread craze happening in South Korea. It is not the first time that Samsung has released custom versions of its foldable phones.

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