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Netflix Ads 📺, Android self-share 📦, bypassing Google AMP 💨

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Big Tech & Startups

Netflix Plans to Launch Cheaper Ad-Supported Plans (2 minute read)

Netflix plans to offer a less expensive tier supported by advertising. Many of its competitors have ad-backed tiers and many advertisers have pushed for the streaming giant to let them advertise on the platform. Netflix will not use data tracking and ad-matching for its ad-backed tier. The company is experiencing a decline in subscribers and subscriber growth. Adding a lower tier could help bring more price-sensitive users back.

Google’s AirDrop competitor, Nearby Share, is reportedly getting a big upgrade (3 minute read)

Android's Nearby Share feature is getting a new 'self-share' mode that will let users send files between their own devices with a single tap. The feature will only send files between devices that are physically close to the user and signed into the user's Google account. Other devices can still receive files using Nearby Share, but they will have to accept each file request. There is no release date yet for the feature.
Science & Futuristic Technology

How Walmart and Alphabet jumped ahead of Amazon in drone delivery (14 minute read)

Amazon's delivery drones are still in the testing phase. Walmart started its drone delivery service by partnering with DroneUp, a drone startup. Alphabet's Wing recently completed its 200,000th delivery. Amazon's delay in launching its drone delivery service may be due to safety regulations. Anytime there are significant changes to the drones, the certification process resets. The FAA has been trying to place drones and drone operators into existing categories so drone companies have to navigate around rules designed for aircraft.

A new technique successfully fried up to 75 percent of tumors using ultrasound (3 minute read)

Scientists from the University of Michigan used ultrasound waves to eliminate up to 75% of liver tumor material in rat bodies. The rats' immune systems were then able to remove the leftover cancerous tissues and prevent reemergence. The technique is already being deployed in human trials in the US and Europe. Liver cancer is one of the top 10 causes of cancer-related deaths in the world, with survival rates at less than 18% in the US.
Programming, Design & Data Science

secrets (GitHub Repo)

secrets is a command-line tool that can help prevent developers from committing secret keys into source code. It scans for secret keys locally before the commit. secrets is fast and has a low rate of false positives.

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Hired is home to thousands of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s that are actively hiring the best and brightest developers, data scientists, mobile engineers, and more. Here’s how it works: once you create a profile, hiring managers can extend interview requests based on desired salary, top skills, and career preferences. Sign up today - it’s completely free for job-seekers!

The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal (15 minute read)

Modern front-end frameworks rely heavily on the terminal. This article discusses the critical terminal fundamentals needed to work with modern JavaScript frameworks. It covers topics like shell languages, basic commands, directories, tab autocompletion, and much more.

NASA’s next decade: Build a mission to an ice giant (8 minute read)

The astronomy community has released its second decadal survey focused on the needs of astronomers and planetary scientists who study our Solar System. The survey recommends orbiters for Uranus and Enceladus and preparations for sample returns from Mars, the Moon, and Ceres. Which projects will be launched will depend on whether planetary science budgets keep pace with inflation. Details about the proposed projects are available in the article.

Brave is bypassing Google AMP pages because they’re ‘harmful to users’ (3 minute read)

Brave has announced a new feature for its browser that automatically bypasses pages rendered with Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages framework and takes users to the original website. The company believes that AMP is harmful to users and the web. AMP was created to simplify and speed up mobile websites. Google is facing a lawsuit over making non-AMP ads load slower.

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